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Middle Weight Outer Rotor Kit

 Product # 73246
HONDA GORILLA 07 AB27 [Frame No.]AB27-1800001 or later
HONDA GORILLA 00 AB27 [Frame No.]AB27-1000001 to 1099999
HONDA GORILLA 99 Z50J [Frame No.]Z50J-2600001 to 2699999
HONDA GORILLA 98 Z50J [Frame No.]Z50J-2500001 to 2599999
HONDA GORILLA 05 AB27 [Frame No.] AB27-1600001 to 1609999
HONDA GORILLA 04 AB27 [Frame No.]AB27-1400001 or later
HONDA GORILLA 01 AB27 [Frame No.] AB27-1100001 to 1199999
HONDA MONKEY 96 Z50J [Frame No.] Z50J-2300001 to 2306110
HONDA MONKEY 97 Z50J [Frame No.]Z50J-2400001 to 2499999
HONDA MONKEY 95 Z50J [Frame No.] Z50J-2200001 to 2299999
HONDA MONKEY 93 Z50J [Frame No.] Z50J-2100001 to 2114151
HONDA MONKEY 07 AB27 [Frame No.] AB27-1800001 to 1899999
HONDA MONKEY 06 AB27 [Frame No.] AB27-1700001 to 1799999
HONDA MONKEY 04 AB27 [Frame No.] AB27-1400001 to 1499999
HONDA MONKEY 00 AB27 [Frame No.]AB27-1000001 to 1099999
HONDA MONKEY 02 AB27 [Frame No.]AB27-1200001 or later
HONDA MONKEY 01 AB27 [Frame No.]AB27-1100001 or later

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