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[Pre-ordered Items] XD CB1100R Helmet Limited Model

By: Arai
 Part Number : 0SHGKRMA3HS
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Price: 534.18 USD (59,000 yen)
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[Color] CB1100R (D)
Motorcycle Helmet
Standard: SNELL/JIS
Cap Body: PB-cLc
Serial No
High Fitting /Adjustable
FCSInterior (Antibacterial/Deodorant Anti-fouling Interior/Optionally Adjustable - Patent)

[Included Parts]
Exclusive Storage Bag/Exclusive Box
[Start selling Helmet of CB 1100 R (D) color to commemorate the 35 th anniversary of CB 1100 R (D) release]
We also made it a satisfying item for all our fans and people who have longing for famous cars.

[Hat body AraiXD features]
Overwhelming sense of intimidation to provoke watching things.
Powerful like a steel ax, pushing out with force PowerFIGHTER

While being rugged, XD has a high safety exceeding the Snel standard, evolves the comfort required for Cruising, and overwhelms what you see.
Glamourous shape that trains the body and creates power to rise from low speed (Forme) Is reminiscent of the powerfulness of PowerFIGHTER pushing out with a heavy feel ...
There is an overwhelming Power (safety) It can not be reached without backing and strong intention like steel.

[PB-cLc structure adopted for Forme that creates overwhelming Power (safety)]
PB-cLc hat body born from Technology for Helmet exclusively for F-1 This is a strong and sticky cap structure formed by overlaying a plurality of Materials, and above the opening, a cask of barrel (...) Used like SUPERFiber Belt to enhance rigidity.
In case of emergency, this special Belt works to stop the spread of Crack due to impact.

[Side slit Air Channel to circulate air in Shield]
Repeat real run test, intake section (Intake) Change the position of the exhaust port to the SIDECenter section (Outlet) The set.
As a result, the flow velocity of the air flowing in the jaws is utilized to efficiently discharge the internal air.

■ XDMouthSlit
In order to make use of powerful design, the opening/closing switch is set inside Helmet, it is possible to adjust the inflow of air to the mouth and the de Frost effect by opening and closing XDSlitShutter.

■ Duct shape that highlights smoothness and fine quality
By using the Slide shutter formula, XDFDuct prevents the intrusion of running wind into Duct and is also quiet.
XDRDuct of the occipital region makes three Duct holes and strongly discharges accumulated hot air.

■ EcoPure - interior
Maintaining the same weak acidity as the bare skin, a newly developed interior decorated with EcoPure - which has antimicrobial, deodorant and antifouling performance.
Refreshes the Frame Frame and deeply envelops the whole, making fine adjustment such as position and thickness possible.

■ ES Chin Cover V (Option)
Considering Touring use, ES Chin CoverV evolved into water-repellent & One-touch detachment.
While blocking the unpleasant wind from under the chin, exhaust the mouthful air by negative pressure than Air Through Bypass.
*Serial No. can not be specified.
*There are cases that the delivery of the product will be delayed depending on the order status.
*Please note that it may differ slightly from the actual product because this is a prototype.
*All Arai products listed on our website are designed for usage in Japan only. Therefore based on safety standards established in Japan, they have been certified for industrial standards such as JIS and SNELL.
*If you are using the helmet outside Japan, use it at your own risk. Please follow the rules and regulations established in each country and area you are in.
*All Arai helmets on our website are manufactured for Japanese markets only. Therefore please be careful when comparing the sizes with other Arai helmet models sold overseas. Although the size description is the same, the actual sizing and weight may slightly differ.
*The above also applies for Arai optional parts. For all Arai optional parts, suitability to Arai helmets sold overseas have not been confirmed.
* The helmets sold on this site are based on the Japanese safety standard.
We are not responsible for accidents, damage, injury, or any other related matters as a result of purchasing this product.
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