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Separate TT Handlebars 7/8-inch

 Part Number : MR-HC049M
(no customer reviews)
Price: 132.07 USD (15,000 yen)
Earn Webike Point: 150pt (1%)
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  • Color:Chrome
  • Color:Black
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  • Size: Φ33
  • Size: Φ:33.4
  • Size: Φ34
  • Size:Φ 34.5
  • Size:Φ35
  • Size: Φ36
  • Size: Φ37
  • Size: Φ38
  • Size:Φ 39

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Material: Steel
Sagging Angle: 10-degrees
While making European made Vintage Parts Motif, I also made it for the most beautiful Separate Handlebars in history.
In addition to ordinary Lineup of 33mm - 39mm, Vintagefor HARLEY 33. 4mm · Triumph / BSA / 34 for Norton. You can choose 5 mm.
* If there may be an instruction manual included, it will be written in Japanese.
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    Separate Handlebar 22.2mm Φ37 GARAGE T&F
    Fits: KAWASAKI 250TR
    • KAWASAKI 250TR
    • GRASS TRACKER big boy

    First I watched the goods I received.With packing just wrapped in PetitPetit, what kind of Handlebar is inside it!.Personally I thought that products that were properly packaged will arrive. LolI tried opening it, I was relieved. The finish of Handlebar is very Beauty.It's light and it feels good.I am worried that I do not know what it is like ...

    V.3 Riser Handle Bar Set Two Brothers Racing
    Fits: Others Universal
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    KATANA obtained at a young age. Even though the years passed, the body shape changed without changing the Motorcycle, the forward tilting posture became tight. Up Handlebar is unexpected. I reached the 3D Handlebar according to my Image.Motorcycle has passed for 27 years, OEM Parts Number also began to stand out. This Handlebar will also be stocked...

    Clip-on Handlebar Steel HURRICANE
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    • HONDA CB400SF
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    • ...and more.

    I can fine-tune it

    Posted Sep 7, 2017

    I exchanged because other company's Separate handle would interfere with Tank.Since HURRICANE can adjust the angle and height, the interference also disappeared.Unlike other company 's Separate handle, I climb up from the Clamp part once and I think that there is little interference with Meter.I just do not like Bar End's Gold and excha...

    Clip-on Handlebar Steel HURRICANE
    Fits: HONDA CB400SF
    • HONDA CB400SF
    • SUZUKI GSX400 97-
    • YAMAHA ZEPHYR 400 x [Zephyr] 97-
    • ...and more.

    Adjustable angle freely

    Posted Jul 27, 2017

    Although it is a change from Bar handle, it was HURRICANE because it was experienced that hitting Tank or hanging angle was too strong if it was a Handlebar from another company.Since there is an angle from Clamp slightly, depending on the type of car, it may come into contact with Meter.Although I had a fall in the preceding car, I thought it was ...

    V.3 Riser Handle Bar Set Two Brothers Racing
    Fits: Others Universal
    • Others Universal

    Position has become easier.

    Posted Jul 18, 2017

    My favorite car, GSX 1100 S KATANA, is a tough forward mock Motorcycle. The rider also passed the age of fifty age, and when I was young I changed my body shape. It is this Handlebar Set that we arrived at a long distance and burdened the arms and I managed to find out what it would be.. I did not expect to make Up Handlebar, so I chose this 3DHand...

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