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Oil Seal Kit

 Part Number : 01-9010
(no customer reviews)
Price: 79.24 USD (9,000 yen)
Earn Webike Point: 90pt (1%)
Shopping information
If manufacturer have in stock,
Expected shipping date: 2017-12-14 Thu JST
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YAMAHA XS-1/XS-1B/XS650E/TX650/XS650SP 70-84

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Made in JAPAN

[Product Contents]
Electric start to crank case seal
Starter motor shaft seal
Kick start seal
Shift shaft seal
Clutch push rod seal
Transmission countershaft seal
Upgraded cam shaft seals x2pcs.
Crank seal (Alternator side) & Tach drive seal
* If there may be an instruction manual included, it will be written in Japanese.
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    • HONDA GROM(16.6-) EBJ-JC61、MSX125SF

    Is it good?

    Posted Nov 30, 2017

    Purchase from User's comment. It is unknown whether it is the measure against emulsification. Every day, because of about 35 to 36 km running, oil temperature rise as it is. In the winter, I catch quite a lot of water, so if you think that it will mix with that much in the engine oil,. By the way, it is essential that draining is pretty much dr...

    Oil Catch Tank Set ENDURANCE
    Fits: HONDA GROM(16.6-) EBJ-JC61、MSX125SF
    • HONDA GROM(16.6-) EBJ-JC61、MSX125SF

    It is unknown whether it works effectively as an emulsification countermeasure. Because I use it for commuting to 35 kilometers over and over, the engine oil will rise so much. However, since it catches quite a lot of water when it comes to the wind field, from the viewpoint of quantitatively entering the engine oil ....

    Oil Filter NTB
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    • XLR BAJA (BAJA) MD22 XLR250RIIIN R FNo.1600001-9999999
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    Because I purchased a used Motorcycle, I choose this item to exchange Oil and Filter at the same time!Also affordable O Ring comes with OEM same etc. So even if you change it comfortably every time it is a product that is friendly to Wallet (Lol)I plan to purchase it next time!

    High Power Air Filter Set ENDURANCE
    By Fauzi M (8)FromMalaysia

    This filter is perfect for my Yamaha nmax, i tried exchanged with my current ferrox metal racing air filter and i can't feel any power drop. On dyno my nmax managed 169kmh and very powerful acceleration on actual road running (see on youtube nmax 169kmh). The fitment is of top class compared to ferrox where at some edge i have to force it in. The w...

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    • GSX750S (Katana) 1984 【Frame No. 】 GR 72 A - 115447 or later
    • GSX750S (Katana) 1983 【Frame No. 】 GS75X-114747 or later
    • GSX750S (Katana) 1982 【Frame No. 】 GS75X-106815 or later
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    Used as a consumable item.

    Posted Nov 20, 2017

    I change Oil Element once every Oil exchange 2 times. We are trying various Manufacturers as essential as consumables. It is not enough to be nervous, but

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