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Power Pack 125 Version 2

 Part Number : 355-1432110
(no customer reviews)
Usual Price: 306 USD (34,000 yen)
Sale Price: 256.34~ USD (28,482 yen)
You Save:
49.66 USD (16%)
Earn Webike Point: 285~pt (1%)
Please select the type:
  • High camshaft With type 1
    256.34 USD
  • High camshaft With type 2
    269.74 USD
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HONDA GROM [Grom] (MSX125) FNO : JC61-1000001 to 1299999

JC61-1300001 -

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for Race
Piston: Forged Aluminum/Molybdenum Disulfide Coating
Piston Diameter: &934; 52.4
Compression Ratio: 12.2: 1 (STD/ 9.3: 1)
High Camshaft: type1 /2 of 2 Style
High octane Specification

[Included Parts]
i-map Injection Controller (GROM Ver.2)
Coupler on harness
with Head Gasket and Packing
MolybdenumCoat finish excellent in initial familiarity

High compression piston, high camshaft capable of achieving high output without changing 125 cc, Complete kit in which I-MAP controlling the fuel injection amount is set to One set.
You can squeeze out Power that is not comparable with NORMAL.
In order to demonstrate stable performance, it is necessary to replace the Exhaust System separately.
In addition, we also set High compression piston kit which only set Piston, Gasket to Set.

Initial familiarity improvement! Engine Displacement Volume increases the compression ratio as it is, Engine output Up
Compression (9. 3 : 1 → 12. 2 : 1) to improve the output of the Engine.

【1】 Piston shape comparison
Piston employs Aluminum forging and has high strength and thermal conductivity compared with NORMAL castings, and has been given disulfide Molybdenum Coat for improving initial familiarity.

【2】 I-map (Grom Ver. 2) Easy to assemble without Wiring processing.
Just connect with the Coupler-on Harness included with Kit.
It was troublesome Wiring process disappeared and i-map can be easily assembled.

【3】 High camshaft type1 / 2 Features
High camshaft type1 : Emphasis on the excitement of Power in the middle rotation range
High camshaft type2 : Emphasis on the excitement of Power in high revolution range
High compression piston and High camshaft type 1 / By combining 2, high output is realized!
*There is no decompression function on the included camshaft.
*It is impossible to use STD exhaust system and camshaft.
*It requires GPR stainless steel up exhaust system or EXTREME R exhaust system separately.
*It is recommended to mount the new super oil cooler kit (for clutch cover kit) to prevent overheating. (It requires clutch cover kit separately because it is impossible to remove the oil groom the STD engine.)
*Recommended Engine Oil:
elf MOTO4 PRO TECH 5W-40 (1L: 968-2000021)
PANOLIN STREET 4T RACE 10W/50 (1L: 968-2996001)
* The image is only for reference. The image shown may differ from the actual product.
* If there may be an instruction manual included, it will be written in Japanese.
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