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Ultra Robot Arm Lock

 Part Number : 880-0817100
Usual Price: 338.2 USD (38,000 yen)
Price: 298.41 USD (33,529 yen)
You Save:
39.79 USD (12%)
Earn Webike Point: 335pt (1%)
Shopping information
Temporarily out of stock.
Usually takes around 2-3 weeks to ship


Type: HDR-LIGHT2010
Arm Size: 20mm sq.
Overall Weight: 2.5kg
Overall Length: 950mm
It uses high-strength Aluminum Alloy.
Keylock Integrated Type (It adopts ABLOY SENTRY One Touch Type.)
Key Pattern: 362,790,000 ways
Convenient weight for carrying 2. Lightweight design of 5 kg!
It is a lock specialized for carrying with the lightest MODEL pursuing lightness by adopting high power Aluminum Alloy steel to Base with Robot arm lock which is well-established for ease of use with multi-articulation..
In addition, the special Rivet is adopted as a joint, and it is easy to detach with a very smooth movement.
Lock with multiple locks to prevent Motorcycle theft by recent stealing by PRO. KITACO advocates 1 Motorcycle 2 lock.
● Numericalization of comprehensive crime prevention level in easy-to-understand manner by our standard. Please use it when comparing each lock.
● Adopted FinlandABLOY company for Key cylinder. (Image 3)
● ArmBlock part structure (20X20X90mm) (Image 4)
Adopted special Rivet, it became easier to desorb with a very Smooth movement.
● Because HDR-LIGHT 2010 uses 20 mm square Arm, it is difficult even to pinch it with a special cutting tool. (Image 5)
I tried TRY cutting test at 16 mm square Arm!
* Because the theft is done without making a noise at night, use a special cutting tool for cutting test.
● When installing the lock, it is effective to set the lock itself in the air to make it hard to cut. (Image 6)
Shooting Data : KITACO internal bicycle parking lot (Gold web 95 x 46 mm)
● HDR-LIGHR 2010 and Helmet comparison (Image 7)
*The numeric value is a guideline when comparing each lock to other KITACO standard.
* Please note that the specification and prices are subjected to change without prior notice.
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    Ultra Robot Arm Lock KITACO
    Fits: Others Universal
    • Others Universal

    It's pretty light.

    Posted Apr 13, 2017

    The goods reached, it was light as compared to other KITACO Robot arm lock, rock is small Smark, I was honestly worried.When contacting Mr. KITACO, Aluminum also has a sticky material, there is also an intention to try crime prevention with a large sound when cutting when it is not a rotating tool or the like.4. I was relieved to hear that it is ab...

    Ultra Robot Arm Lock KITACO
    Fits: Others Universal
    • Others Universal


    Posted Nov 27, 2016

    Since I bought a large type Motorcycle, I purchased it as though I was worried only with the lock on hand but thought that it was lost but it was destroyed rather than regret.When I saw it, it was enough to even question the question of being able to destroy such things heavily heavily.However, because it is too heavy Wheeletc. There is also anxiet...

    Ultra Robot Arm Lock KITACO
    Fits: Others Universal
    • Others Universal

    I tried various HDR-8 considering various strange words, grounding and oil pressure Cutter.Motorcycle is safe in the meantime.However, although everyone's weight can be tolerated personally, it is Minus 1 that it seems that there is a bruise on foil.

    Ultra Robot Arm Lock KITACO
    Fits: Others Universal
    • Others Universal

    It is HDR-6.

    Posted Nov 8, 2015

    I bought a Large type with a new car and bought this reputation for this rewarding lock daringly. I was worried about HDR-8 and HDR-6, but purchased HDR-6. Still quite expensive for me.When I saw the actual thing that arrived, I thought that this was also awkward enough. There is more weight than I thought ... so it seems that my car is being prote...

    Ultra Robot Arm Lock KITACO
    Fits: Others Universal
    • Others Universal

    It is Tough..

    Posted Sep 4, 2015

    Since I wanted it before, I happened to be Sale, so I decided to purchase but I had trouble with HDR-10 and HDR-8 until the end but thought of everyday usability I made it a little light HDR-8.RobotArm also works better with Smooth than I thought. Although I can not do Earth Lock at home Garage, I also have enough Length to connect two Motorcycle a...

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