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Disc Lock KD-60

 Model : 880-0901060
(no customer reviews)
Usual Price: 284.8 USD (32,000 yen)
Sale Price: 244.48 USD (27,470 yen)
You Save:
40.32 USD (14%)
Point: 275pt (1%)
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This item is discontinued.


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■Material: Stainless Alloy Steel
■Body Size: Width/Approximately 104mm, Length/Approximately 195mm, Thickness/Approximately 25mm
■Effective Disc Rotor Size: Width/Approximately 60mm, Thickness/Approximately 6mm, Pin Diameter/Approximately Φ12mm
■Idling Prevention Shaft Size: Diameter/Approximately Φ25mm, Length/Approximately 126mm
■Total Weight: 1580-
■Disc Rotor Idling Prevention Mechanism (Already Patented Item)
■Key Cylinder: Finland ABOY SENTRY Adoption

Ultra robot arm lockSeries can connect Disk Lock appeared!
Disk Lock with the strongest idling prevention mechanism appeared!

As well as strength, Disk Lock using Stainless Steel Gold steel excellent in rust resistance and durability.
Even if you can remove the Disk Rotor from Wheel, the idling prevention mechanism keeps Wheel idling to the minimum Small limit.
In the hole in Disk Lock, Ultra robot arm lock made by KITACO can be passed, and fixed object (Anchor, Poleetc. ), You can strengthen theft prevention.

*Information from the manufacturer.


anti-theft lock to install on disc rotor. disc lock in the market tends to be wheel freen once disc rotor bolts are removed. kitaco disc lock has wheel stopper once disc rotor bolts are removed. abloy key cylinder and special high strength alloy are difficult to break-in.portable with lightweight (less than 2.0 kg)

■special hard high strength alloy
■key cylinder:sentry adopted made by abloy finland
■ultra robot arm hdr-3/hdr-6 useable
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Recently Posted Reviews in Disk Locks

    Cospa Good!

    Posted Jun 25, 2017

    I purchased Motorcycle and introduced it for anti-theft measures, but overall the quality is good and I am satisfied.It takes a long time to reach the lock, it is easy to use for a little theft measures at the destination, it is a dish that can be Recommendation. However, one, the Rubber lid of the keyhole is a little hard to be fixed, only that is...

    Cospa is the best class

    Posted May 11, 2017

    After all, it is a bit troublesome to attach Large Yu Chain every time to stop only for a while at the place of departure Large body I found a product this time Large body It has passed over a year now but still is not broken.Size is also easy to carry Size with this gold amount, I did not honestly honest that I can use only this.I guess it is a li...

    I thought it would be helpful even if anything to prevent theft. It is quite heavy heavily. Color is Color : There are Yellow and Chrome, but noticeable Color : I made it to Yellow. Orange's Cable for preventing forgetting to remove is good.Because it is bulky as Chain Lock, it is handy because it does bulky as a baggage, because it bulks quick...

    Disc Lock/Mini REIT
    Fits: Others Universal
    • Others Universal

    It's cheap.

    Posted Oct 26, 2016

    I made Small Type Disk Lock for use at the destination.It is profitable if the probability of theft falls at about \ 2000.At first it did not get stuck in the Brake disc, and when looking closely it was narrowing the gap with BALI. I scraped it with File and installed it.Key coverCap is floating somewhat but this price is okay.

    I use it at home and on the go. Size makes it Small and comes with Case which can be passed to Belt for carrying.Just because it is heavy Bagetc. It's better to carry it in.Upon misplacement attached to the Motorcycle, a little U-shaped part floated up. Reminder etc. We recommend using in combination.

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