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Riding Footpeg Kit: Termi Slip-on Silencer Correspondence

 Part Number : AE-10066B-PO
(no customer reviews)
Price: 727.29~ USD (80,000 yen)
Earn Webike Point: 800~pt (1%)
Please select a color:
  • Color:Polish
    727.29 USD
  • Color:Black
    727.29 USD
  • Color: Blue (Special Color)
    807.3 USD
  • Color: Brown (Special Color)
    807.3 USD
  • Color: Earl's Blue (Special Color)
    807.3 USD
  • Color: Gun Metal (Special Color)
    807.3 USD
  • Color: Gold (Special Color)
    807.3 USD
  • Color: Green (Special Color)
    807.3 USD
  • Color: Orange (Special Color)
    807.3 USD
  • Color: Pink (Special Color)
    807.3 USD
  • Color: Purple (Special Color)
    807.3 USD
  • Color: Red (Special Color)
    807.3 USD
  • Color: Champagne Gold (Special Color)
    807.3 USD
  • Color: Slate Gray (Special Color)
    807.3 USD
  • Color: Titanium Blue (Special Color)
    807.3 USD
  • Color: Titanium Gold (Special Color)
    807.3 USD
  • Color: Yellow (Special Color)
    807.3 USD
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1.30mm Back/20mm Up
2.38mm Back/26mm Up
It makes DIAVEL beautiful and functional.
DIAVEL Exclusive Design
It achieves an elegant line by designing the base plate and the exhaust bracket making full use of the straight line and the curve so as not to destroy the three-dimensional line of the frame.
The pedals are finished with functional and individuality by adopting a bilaterally assymmetric design.
It condenses the know-how of AELLA's riding step, making most of its components dedicated, and making it a powerful model that can not be buried in the dynamic design unique to DIAVEL.
In addition, it is cutting processing not to spare troublesome parts even from chamfering processing and meat punching on the back side.

Positioning without compromise
It is a position designed to review the position of DIAVEL from scratch, and allowing comfortable and aggressive riding. It is possible to feel even the illusion as if DIAVEL became even smaller by using it together with the AELLA taper handle with the standard position 30 mm behind/20 mm above normal.

It makes it possible to make balance of weight reduction and high rigidity with an exquisite balance by utilizing the know-how so far even for the lightening processing on the back side which can not be seen if it is worn.
*It contains other color in the photo.
*Specification has been changed for some parts of both models before 2014 model (before facelift) and models after 2015 model (after facelift), also for Ducati Performance Vehicle Inspection Corresponding to Termini Angi Slip-on Silencer.
*It correspond with DUCATI performance made vehicle inspection and corresponding confirmation to other Termini Angi Slip-on Silencer is not taken.
* If there may be an instruction manual included, it will be written in Japanese.
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