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Z and CB are good, but Mach too! KAWASAKI Triple Series Parts Special Feature!


Try to collect one push parts for 2st Triple!

The KAWASAKI Triple series feels less customize parts and repro parts compared to KAWASAKI Z and HONDA CB series.
There are firm hot items, such as KAWASAKI triple.

• Chamber Edition


The K2TEC boasts of popular number one (according to the company) in the Chamber for the triple series.
It covers all exhaust volume, and it is possible to choose mirror finishing specification besides cross/straight.
Check first for those who are considering replacing the chamber of the triple series♪


Is it a bit nostalgic as well as 3-chambers? It has a lineup of collecting chambers.
It can also choose clear painting and plating type finishing.


It is PMC sells various customize parts/repro parts for discontinued motorcycle.
It also has a lineup of standard exhaust system for 750SSH2 and 500SSH1.
Please consider towards the normal look faction by all means.

• Brake Edition

GARAGE Tricycle

The strongest of the brake system KH250&KH400!?
This product which can mount Brembo’s so-called “Rugby Caliper” with bolt-on, and may be the final form of the brake system that can be done with an STD front fork.


There are abundant caliper support kits that can use calipers♪, because there is a part common to 750 Mach on Z system.


It has a lot of repro parts around the brake for the DOREMI COLLECTION.
It should be taken care of the restore and the normal look group.

•Suspension Edition


The strongest model RS series of ADVANTAGE SHOWA has a rear suspension for triple series.
ADVANTAGE SHOWA at 750/500/400 strongest rear suspension!


There is no mistake in the performance of the evolved IKON suspension, although the position of “I” has changed.
The atmosphere of the motorcycle body original does not collapse in the appearance of the normal looking group.

• Electrical Edition


It is a lineup of main harness for 750/500.
It corresponds also to detailed specification change by model.
It might be better to make new ones at this price ♪, although it is good to redraw with DIY.

H. Craft

It is a lineup of the vehicle regulator and the CDI of the vehicle that has already become the discontinued which has often been punctured.
If you have a confidence arm, take a challenge when it is required to replace, since it is a part of the professional.

GARAGE Tricycle

It has a battery lead & earth cord for 250/350/400SS.
Let’s exchange it before disconnecting.

• Other Edition

GARAGE Tricycle

It is a unique lineup of the garage tricycle that owners own triple ride.

In particular, it has not been seen in the triple series, such as reinforced cylinder stud bolt and head nut.

Why not to try to replace when there is rust or removing the cylinder?

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