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YAMAHA “YZ250FX” is fully remodeled! In Year 2020, Yamaha Endurance will release 4 models sequentially starting on August 2020.



The “YZ250FX” features a new frame and a Power Tuner for smartphones

Yamaha Motorcycle will sells its 2020 model of motorcycle “YZ450FX”,”YZ250X” and “YZ125X” in cross country for enduro competition with the displacement of 124cm3 to 449cm3 in August 20 and “YZ250FX” will be on September 20.

The full model changed “YZ250FX”
1) Newly designed engine supporting high combat power in enduro
2) New frame that achieves flexible stiffness balance
3) New specification of front and rear suspension
4) Lightweight, Compact and Easy to restart self-starter
5) Power tuner with engine setting available on smartphone
6) Adoption of clutch and capacity that focus on the improvement of the durability
The result is they able to improve the racing power in cross country enduro races.

In addition, the new color “Deep Purple Blue Solid E (blue)” and the common graphics of each model was adopted.

The “Yamaha Off-Road Competition Model Dealer” will accept reservations for a limited period from June 20, 2019 to December 8, 2019.


Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: 1,058,400 Yen (Main Unit Price: 980,000 Yen, Including Consumption tax 78,400 Yen)


Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: 918,000 Yen (Main Unit Price 850,000 Yen, Including Consumption Tax: 68,000 Yen)


Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: 734,400 Yen (Main Unit Price 680,000 Yen, Including Consumption Tax: 54,400 Yen)


Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: 626,400 Yen (Main Unit Price 580,000 Yen, Including Consumption Tax: 46,400 Yen)


Sales Plan

500 Units (Total Series? in Japan)

*Since “YZ450FX”, “YZ250FX”, “YZ250X” and “YZ125X” are not certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and tourism, so you can not obtain a license plate. Also can not drive on the road. It is a violation of the road traffic law and Road Transport Vehicle Act when driving on the road. Private roads,temple precincts, seaside, on the embankment, agricultural roads, even where the form of the Forest Road, where people and cars can freely enter and exit are considered as roads.
*This product is not covered by warranty (claim).

Main features of the 2020 model “YZ250FX”

1) Newly designed engine supporting high combat power in enduro

The new aluminum casting piston has been adopted to achieve improved performance at high speeds. By adding a unique mechanical processing such as taking a deep valve recess (recess at the top of the piston), it stabilizes the compression ratio and contributes to excellent power characteristics.

In addition, the optimum design of the intake side cam profile (change of the working angle, enlargement of the valve lift) is carried out in order to obtain the excellent inhalation efficiency, and a new cam chain guide and tensioner of the specification, and a light-weight design of the transmission and the shift Cam are adopted.

2) New frame that achieves flexible stiffness balance

In order to improve gap travelability, the bilateral beam frame base is shared with YZ250F for motocross. Furthermore, the rigidity of the longitudinal, lateral, and torsional rigidity is increased by about 15% on average by giving exclusive settings for enduro such as stiffening of the engine suspension main bracket (adding stiffener of 6 mm thickness on the front side) and optimization of tension pipe arrangement. Optimize the rigidity balance to the race specification. It contributes to a more light handling and flexible running, calmness and stability.

3) New specification front and rear suspension


The front and rear suspension is based on YZ250F for motocross, and the setting matched to the enduro race was given. The front is an inverted suspension (gas-liquid separation type), which optimizes the rigidity balance of the outer tube and improves the feeling of grounding. The rear adjusts the stroke length of the link type monochromus suspension and the drooping angle of the rear arm, etc. to achieve both good gap absorbability and improvement of operability.

4) Lightweight, compact and easy to restart self-starter

The self-starter uses a lightweight lithium-ion battery for the power supply. In addition, the starter motor is designed to be lightweight and compact, and is placed close to the center of the vehicle, helping to optimize the vehicle’s weight balance.

5) Power tuner with engine setting available on smartphone

The power tuners for engine setting change the device from a conventional controller to a smartphone with a dedicated application installed.The setting operation is performed by wireless communication between the device and the vehicle-mounted CCU.The 2-pattern engine map can be saved on the vehicle body, and the mode switch placed on the left handlebar allows you to switch to suit the situation even during the race.

*The smartphone is not included with the main body of the vehicle

6) large-capacity clutch focusing on durability improvement

It uses eight friction plates, which are excellent in heat resistance and durability. We coped with a heavy load situation such as frequent shift changes and half clutch operation performed during a long race. The surface of the plate is knurled (finely dented) to improve friction and spring load, which contributes to a good operation feeling.

Main specifications of 2020 model “YZ250FX”

Model Registration / Motorcycle Engine stamped model BAJ4/G3N1E
Total length x Total width x Total height 2,175mm×825mm×1,270mm
Seat height 955mm
Axis distance 1,480mm
Ground clearance 320mm
Motorcycle Weight 111kg
Types of Prime Movers Water-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve
Number of cylinders arrangement Single cylinder
Total displacement 249cm3
Inner diameter x stroke 77.0mm×53.6mm
Ratio of Compression 13.8:1
Start-Up method Self-type
Method of Lubrication Wet sump
Engine oil capacity 0.95L
Fuel tank capacity 8.2 L (unleaded premium gasoline specified)
Intake, Fuel system / Fuel supply system Fuel injection
Ignition method TCI (transistor type)
Primary reduction ratio / Secondary reduction ratio 3.352 (57/17)/3.923 (51/13)
Clutch type Wet, multi board
Constant-bite type 6-speed / return type Always meshed 6 speed/return type
Gear ratio First gear 2.384 (31/13) / second gear 1.812 (29/16) / third gear 1.444 (26/18)
/ 4-speed 1.142 (24/21) / 5-speed 0.956 (22/23) / 6-speed 0.814 (22/27)
Frame format Semi-double cradle
Castor / trail 27°10′/116mm
Tire size (front / rear) 80/100-21, 51M/ 10/100-18 64M (front and rear tube type)
Braking device type (front / rear) Hydraulic single disc brake/hydraulic single disc brake
Suspension method (front / rear) Telescopic / swing arm (link type)

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