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YAMAHA “TRACER 900 / GT” changed color and was released!!


• TRACER900 GT ABS “Bluish Gray Solid 4”

YAMAHA Motor changed the coloring of “TRACER900 GT ABS” *, “TRACER900 ABS” equipped with an inline three cylinder engine of 845 cm 3, and will be released from March 1.

TRACER900 was developed as a model that can enjoy a versatile, sporty and comfortable running from city to touring with the concept of “Two Sides of the Same Coin: Sports and Travel”. It combines comfortable ride and touring functions and is supported by users.

The new color “Bluish Gray Solid 4” puts red as an accent based on gray and expresses his passion for running. In addition, the advanced specification “TRACER900 GT ABS” employs a gold front fork and a red pinstripe wheel to highlight the personality as a sports tooling model.

※ “TRACER900 GT ABS” is based on “TRACER900 ABS”, adopts full adjustable inverted front suspension, cruise control system, quick shift system (QSS), grip warmer, etc. to improve the comfort of touring Advanced model.


Bluish Gray Solid 4 (New Color)


Bluish Gray Solid 4 (New Color)

Product Information


• Color

· Bluish Gray Solid 4 (Gray / New Color): released on March 1, 2019
· Black Metallic X (Black): Continued sale
· Matte Dark Perpresive Blue Metallic 1 (Matte Blue): Continued sale

• Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price

1,198,800 yen (main unit price 1,110,000 yen / consumption tax 88,800 yen)


• Color

· Bluish Gray Solid 4 (Gray / New Color): Released on March 1, 2019
· Matte Dark Gray Metallic 6 (Matte Dark Gray): Continued sales

• Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price

1,112,400 yen (main unit price 1,030,000 yen / consumption tax 82,400 yen)

Sales Plan

1,000 units (Series total / year, domestic)

※ Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (including recycling fee) does not include insurance fee, tax (excluding consumption tax), various expenses due to registration etc.

Original Source [ Yamaha Motor Co.、Ltd. ]

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