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YAMAHA Published the Documentary Video Series of “Moving You Vol. 15”!

Moving You Vol. 15

YAMAHA Motor has published the Moving You Vol. 15 documentary film that introduces the company’s corporate activities for the purpose of “inspiring creation”.

The 15th film in the series is set in Australia. The children’s dreams are endless. They grow up being watched by the adult’s affection driven by the warmth of pure inspiration.

Beyond Zane Burchell’s gaze is the AMA Supercross, where the world’s best star riders gather. YAMAHA’s wish is for children to fulfill their dreams. And, to continue the challenge that is straight towards that dream.

In order to nurture the sown seeds of dreams, this footage shows the YAMAHA man, who is currently on an off-road course across Australia, cultivating into a blue field and participating in the race.

[About Moving You]

Moving You introduces YAMAHA Motor’s corporate activities around the world in a documentary movie based on the theme of “A smile seeing off another’s smile”. Please watch the following video that has been released so far.

Vol. 1 Working to Change Water and Lives in Africa
Vol. 2 Grow up strong and healthy! Fifty-two Miles of Adventure at Sea
Vol. 3 A smile seeing off another’s smile. The skill and pride of a mechanic
Vol. 4 Spreading the word about the “mentality and skills” of safety
Vol. 5 The engine control engineer linking Rossi with his YZR-M1
Vol. 6 Supporting lives and livelihoods of people of the Far North
Vol. 7 Made in Mauritania: An Instructor-trainee Relationship without Borders
Vol. 8 “A Desert Christmas”
Vol. 9 Northern Mongolia’s Durable Duo
Vol. 10 Skill India: Schools for India’s Dreamers
Vol. 11 Make the Wind Your Ally
Vol. 12 Quenching Thirst, Hand in Hand
Vol. 13 Challenge, Ascend, Overcome. Youthful Passion to the World.
Vol. 14 Hands Like His Father: Inheriting Skills and Spirit

[For more information, please contact]
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
Corporate Communication Department
WEB Group

Original Source [ YAMAHA MOTOR ]

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