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YAMAHA “NIKEN GT” and “NIKEN” Limited Edition Matte Based Color


YAMAHA Motor has changed the coloring of the LMW*1 model “NIKEN GT”*2 and “NIKEN” with liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve, In-line, 3-cylinder, 845cc and it is released as a made-to-order production. In addition, “NIKEN” dealers*3 in Japan started accepting reservations on November 5, 2019.

The “NIKEN GT” and “NIKEN” are large sport type LMW models that combine cornering performance supported by the stability created by advanced LMW technology*4 and high-quality cruising performance that enables comfortable long-distance touring.

The new color of “NIKEN GT” “Matte Dark Gray Metallic 6” is set the dark gray that gives elegance and a calm impression to the base color, and in addition, red is used as an accent creating a sporty look in a calm atmosphere. The earlier version “Matte Dark Purplish Blue Metallic 1” will be sold continuously.

▲ “NIKEN GT” Matte Dark Gray Metallic 6

The “NIKEN” adopts a new color “Matte Blueish Gray Metallic 3”, the high gray color scheme expresses the advanced color that emphasizes the advanced feature of the LMW. By adopting blue for the outer tubes and wheels of the suspensions, the image of the company’s super sports flagship model “YZF-R1” is reflected.

▲ “NIKEN” Matte Blueish Gray Metallic 3

*1 LMW: Leaning Multi-Wheeler. Japan Patent Office Trademark Registration #5646157, a general term for vehicles with three or more wheels that can lean through corners like a motorcycle.
*2 “NIKEN GT”: The model standardly equipped with comfortable equipments for touring such as a large windscreen, heated grips, 12V DC power socket under the seat, integrated seat with an increased thickness, and a center stand.
*3 The “NIKEN” dealers: Special dealers who have taken an exclusive curriculum, and accepts reservations, sells, and after-sales service for the NIKEN.
*4 LMW technology: The technology that contributes to both balance and stability through the suspension and steering mechanism equipped with a parallelogram link composed of two upper and lower parallel arms.


MSRP: around 17,000 USD

Matte Dark Gray Metallic 6 (Matte Dark Gray / New Color)


MSRP: around 15, 600 USD

Matte Blueish Gray Metallic 3 (Matte Gray / New Color)

Sales Plan

200 units (annual, Japan)

Original Source [ YAMAHA ]

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