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XSR700 transforms into a retro dirt racer!!


A new Yard Built custom machine has appeared from YAMAHA EU. The “Swank Rally 700” is a customized machine by collaboration with “Deus” which has worked on stylish custom machines based on Yamaha models such as SR400, XJR1300 and XV950.

Motorcycle custom project that is from Europe with a unique character

Yard Built is a motorcycle custom project launched by the EU YAMAHA, which is based in Europe, featuring a high-quality customizing made by a world-class builder based on the current YAMAHA models. There are many conceptual machines that show the individuality of each custom builder, and there is also a lot of customized machines that has attracted attention and they are often released as a mass-produced commercial model. The “XJR1300C” that is a sports heritage model based on the XJR1300 and the “XSR900” that is based on MT-09 are the examples.

XSR700 Base Off-road with Engendering Retro Styling

The “Swank Rally 700” that was announced this time is an off-road style model based on the XSR700, which is a manufacturer’s custom version of the popular “MT-07” as a parallel two-cylinder light sports naked model.

The inverted front fork and the 19-inch wheel is applied from the XTZ1200 Super TENERE, and the rear suspension is also converted to an Ohlins mono-shock absorber. It is a complete off-road style machine with high fenders, aluminum handguards & under guard, and block tires. On the other hand, it has a retro atmosphere reminiscent of a 70’s motocrosser, such as a squarish fuel tank, a thick single seat, and a number plate style seat cowl.

Bolt-on custom machine that is utilized in the goodness of its features

However, eventhough “Swank Rally 700” look so different from XSR700, there seems to be many parts that are remained as stock. For example, a water-cooled parallel two-cylinder engine, a steel frame that is an engine suspended structure, a link-type rear shock system, a curved aluminum swingarm, a wave-type front, and rear disc brake looks like common parts from XSR700.

So, in summary, the “Swank Rally 700” is a customized machine with an improved undercarriage of an off-road and with a retro style look while keeping the advantage of the XSR700’s body and engine as it is. Basically, the concept of Yard Built is to assemble parts that can be mounted by bolt-on without any processing such as cutting or welding, so, actually, the machine still has a lot of standard parts than it looks.

The recent trend “Laid-back off-road style”

The uploaded video on the website tells us people who’s wearing the vintage fashion are enjoying the Sunday rally with friends in places like dirt courses and meadows. It is a tool for enjoying recreational sports that are different from a race that competes seriously. This is also a model that embodies the recent trend of “Laid-back off-road style”.

How will it categorize with TENERE 700?

One thing that caught my attention is the existence of the recently debuted TENERE 700.

TENERE, a middle class adventure that inherits the name of the legendary rally machine, is also designed based on the MT-07.
According to specs announced, the engine is an almost standard, and it can be understood how well his parallel two-cylinder engine with 270° crank of uneven firing interval that generates 70ps was developed.

Of course, it can not be compared with the custom machine “Swank Rally 700” simply, because the TENERE 700 is a mass-produced commercial model with a dedicated frame and suspensions. But, considering that both models are mainly for off-road and have a rally taste, it is interesting how it will be categorized in the future.

Well, this is only if “Swank Rally 700” like motorcycle ever be commercialized, but looking back in the past, this can be real. It is only certain that we cannot take our eyes off these unique and powerful movements that are born one after another.

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