SHOEI Introduces Graphic Model “RESURRECTION” to Neo Classic Full Face “Glamster”

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SHOEI has incorporated its cultivated technology into a classical design and launched a new lineup of graphic model "RESURRECTION" in the new neo-classic full face "Glamster" series, which has both classic style and functionality. It was released on November 2020.

Color: TC-2 (BLUE/BLACK), TC-5 (BLACK/GREY), TC-10 (WHITE/RED) in three colors. The price is 51,000 yen (excluding tax).

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Standard: JIS standard
Size: S (55cm), M (57cm), L (59cm), XL (61cm), XXL (63cm)
Structure: AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) Based on tough glass fiber, composite lamination of organic fiber made into 3D shape in advance. This is SHOEI's original shell structure that enables weight reduction while maintaining high rigidity.
Accessories: Cloth bag, Sticker, CPB-1V PINLOCK EVO lens, Chin curtain, Silicone oil, Spare PINLOCK tweezers

Options & Repair Parts (excluding tax)

  • CPB-1VPINLOCK shield: clear, mellow smoke, dark smoke: 6,000 yen each
  • CPB-1V PINLOCK EVO lens: clear ¥2,800
  • CPB-1V Shield Base Set: 2,000 yen
  • CPB-1V Aluminized Washer: 1,200 yen
  • CPB-1V Aluminum Coin Slot Screw: 800 yen
  • PINLOCK pin: clear 250 yen
  • Glamster front air intake: 1,500 yen for each color
  • EX-ZERO center pad:4,000 yen for each size
  • Glamster cheek pads: 4,000 yen for each size
  • J.O. Chin Strap Cover: 1,000 yen
  • Glamster interior set: 8,000 yen
  • Chin Curtain K: 1,500 yen

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