MV AGUSTA “BRUTALE 1000RS” is the Best Interpretation of Power and Beauty!

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Following the launch of the BRUTALE 1000RR, MV AGUSTA has provided consumers with another street model, the 2022 BRUTALE 1000RS, which it claims is more suitable for daily use on the streets.

The best interpretation of power and beauty!



The BRUTALE 1000RS adopts the same chassis structure as the BRUTALE 1000RR and represents one of the most powerful products of the MV AGUSTA. In terms of appearance, the difference between the 1000RS and the 1000RR is that the thickness of the seat cushion and the height of the handle are modified to obtain a more comfortable riding position, aluminum alloy cast wheels and a new front suspension system.



The power core of the BRUTALE RS is the same as the water-cooled four-stroke parallel four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 998cc, but the cam shape is improved to increase the torque output, and the titanium alloy valve and the DLC-coated ejector rod are used to reduce wear and tear. The engine can not only pass the latest EURO 5 standard, but also provide 208hp/13,000rpm maximum horsepower with 116.5Nm/11,000rpm maximum torque, top speed over 300km/h.




As for the chassis structure, the BRUTALE RS adopts a 50mm inverted front fork made by Marzocchi, a rear shock absorber made by SACHS in the middle, and the braking system adopts Brembo-made Stylema opposing four-piston radial calipers + 320mm double floating disc, with rear Brembo double Piston calipers + 220m fixed disc.



Thanks to the six-axis IMU, the BRUTALE 1000RS has a rich and comprehensive electronic control system, including cruise control, anti-skid, anti-float control, start control, cornering ABS, etc. The rider can adjust the settings of the electronic control system and watch the navigation and answer incoming calls through the 5.5-inch TFT full-color LCD screen with a smartphone connection, which has a variety of functions.




The BRUTALE 1000RS is available in Red/Matte Grey and Silver/Matte Grey, with an MSRP of €25,500 in Europe, which seems to be a higher CP value compared to the BRUTALE 1000RR, which is priced at €32,300.



2022 BRUTALE 1000RS

Red/Matte Grey



Silver/Matte Grey



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