The Ultimate Off-road Model Exterior! Introducing the POLISPORT Exterior Kit and its Recommended Products!

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POLISPORT is a Portuguese brand lined-up with exteriors, protector, hand guard which is exclusive for off-road model. The color of the exteriors are based on the image color of each motorcycle manufacturer and it is also possible to choose basic colors like White and Black.

In Web Motorcycle Show, we introduce recommended products for 2020! Please feel free to check it in Webike page since there are many popular product to choose aside from the recommended product listed here. You can also check super cool custom parts from the manufacturer all over the world at Webike official Instagram and Facebook account. Check them out!


Flashy! Special color exterior kit that will definitely hit this year

This time, POLISPORT introduce a color that difinitely hit the chart!

Fluorescent Yellow


Flashy color is eye-catching [Fluorescent Yellow]. It is so flashy to the extent that SUZUKI users will be eager to ask "Why it's so yellow?"

Nerd Gray



Nerd Gray is a color that is also popular to cars. A color that overflows with luxury and solid feeling!



KTM-500-1.jpg M1_0192.jpg Foto-28.03.19-15-46-09.jpg

Clear oveturn common senses that is one of a kind. It is a transparent style that will make you fashionable inside!

You can achieve your own style if you combine it with graphic decals! This color is an on-trend exterior color this year!

2020 Newly released product! [Graphic guard protector]


This new product [Graphic guard protector] was just released last February 2020. Is the pasted graphic decal is struck down and fall off? Or is the part of the decal peeled off and looks bad?


This product protects the most vulnerable parts of the side panel, and also prevent the graphic decals from peeling off. Decals are way expensive and really take time to attach. However, this is a great product that will protects not only your motorcycle but also your money and time from wasting it by using this affordable guard. And, it is also important to maintain the design of the graphic decals in good condition because of its transparency.


The yearly race has begun but you are still on time. Let's maintain the looks of your motorcycle and go for this year's race!


24146350_5.jpg 24146350_3.jpg 24146350_6.jpg 24146350_7.jpg

Classic off-road products! Unlimited selection of hand guard (Multiple types / colors)


There are various types of POLISPORT hand guards.

nomad.jpg sharp.jpg adventur3.jpg
touquet.jpg EVOLUTION-INTEGRAL.jpg qwest.jpg

Since closed/opened hand guards are available in various types, you can possibly choose a hand guard according to your off-road scene preference from aluminum bar mounted type to a lightweight type which are made of plastic. Also, you can arrange its color according to your motorcycle since it has various of available colors.

hammer.jpg mc-rocks.jpg MX-ROCKS-SUZUKI.jpg
MX-ROCKS-LEVER-MOUNT.jpg sharp-lite.jpg freeflow.jpg

Expensive hand guards can be bend or break as well...(As per Staff's Experience). POLISPORT hand guard can be used either your main or spare parts because of its affordable price.

Are you protected well? Only POLISPORT protect your motorcycle!

There are various of guard parts which are available at the POLISPORT store. These are the following recommended product that are especially made for you!

Armadillo Type Pipe Guard!


"Carbon chamber guards look good and strong, yet expensive."

This product is recommended for such users.

28fcsT3a-1.jpg 8rUu6iF6.jpg UFqA4d9q.jpg

Classic Engine Guard


This classic product is made of a hard and heat-resistance shell which prevent occurance of shocks and scratches around the engine. This can also prevent from intrusion of mud and gravel since it has a built-in O-ring inside.


Radiator Guard with Mesh


Do not under estimate with Mesh. This is an excellent prodct that will keep the mud and dirts away from the radiator!


It is recommended to use this product before its too late.

Are you up to something like this? POLISPORT plastic product!

Only the exterior and the guard parts are not made by POLISPORT.

Motorcycle Mat


This is a foldable type motorcycle maintenance mat made of plastic. It can be maintain easily just by simply wiping the oil strain since it is made of plastic. MXGP is also a great recommended product!


Motorcycle Stand


This product is a foldable type! This stand will suit the color of your motorcycle and also attractive at the paddock area!

Chest Protector


It is an off-road protector that has passed to CE and EN stantard. This product has its function that makes it unique to POLISPORT who are expert about off-road.

There are many other items that are not clean and are introduced here!
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