Tighten the Foot to the Highest Peak Chain of MotoGP Technology Input “Super Glossy” Black New Appearance! [WMS2021]

210419_wmcs-DID.jpg New Product

All of DID's drive chains are manufactured at Daido Kogyo's main factory in Ishikawa Prefecture, and their superior quality and performance are highly regarded in the MotoGP world, where chains are subjected to tremendous loads.

The strongest gloss in DID history and the unique performance of ZVM-X

The ZVM-X, a premium chain for big motorcycles, uses technology cultivated in MotoGP and pursues operability that matches the sensibilities of the rider. Special design for each size, material selection, and production process have been paid attention to reduce distortion and deflection of the chain that occurs when the throttle is opened.
It delivers direct response and ideal acceleration performance.

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