This is the highest performance wheel ever made! ThyssenKrupp (TKCC) carbon wheels! [WMS2021]

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ThyssenKrupp (a.k.a. TKCC) is the latest carbon wheel brand to emerge from Germany.
Not only is it lighter than a magnesium wheel, but it is also as safe as a stock aluminum wheel.
The carbon wheels manufactured by an unprecedented method are used as genuine wheels by Porsche and BMW.
This is the first time in the world that a carbon wheel has been adopted as a genuine product of a vehicle manufacturer.

Brading Carbon Method

Only ThyssenKrupp uses this unique method to weave and shape the carbon fiber into the rim shape without any interruptions.
This is equivalent to so-called dry carbon, and since the rim can be molded without ever breaking the carbon fiber, it is possible to achieve the highest performance as a cylindrical carbon product.

In addition, instead of weaving carbon fibers in a regular and fixed arrangement as in general dry carbon products using prepreg, the "weaving density," "fiber direction," and "thickness" can be controlled continuously.
It is possible to optimize the lightness, strength and rigidity of the rim because it is possible to mold each part of the rim with the optimal strength and rigidity without interrupting the carbon fiber.

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