ACTIVE’s “seriousness” is seen in the ZX-25R custom that demands “a higher grade of driving”. WMS2021

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The Ninja ZX-25R was created by Active.
We have developed a wide variety of parts, including suspension, to heat up the ever-intensifying Ninja ZX-25R customization scene.

STREET CUSTOM STYLE" proposed by Japan's leading parts distributor

The wheels are our own brand Galespeed Type GP1S.
The focus is on the rear wheels, which are 5″ wide..By making it 50, it will fit a 180 size tire.
The result is a rear view so powerful it's hard to believe it's a 250, while the reduced weight of the wheels makes for a more nimble ride.
The brake system is also Gale Speed and the suspension is Hyper Pro.
Steering wheel, step and other operation parts are also available.

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