The 125cc Class Authentic Bobber has Landed in Japan! Thorough Review of the “GV125S BOBBER” from its Specs to its Suspension and Riding Performance! [WMS2021]

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From neighboring Korean motorcycle manufacturer Hyosung comes the GV125S BOBBER, a 125cc model equipped with a liquid-cooled SOHC 60-degree V-twin in an authentic Bobber-style body!


It's got a driving presence that you wouldn't expect from a 125cc.


The well-built bobber style is surprising for a 125cc class motorcycle, but it was the ride and feel of the machine that surprised us. Just like the design, it had a relaxed feel that you wouldn't expect from a 125cc class motorcycle. The engine is a newly designed, in-house developed, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke SOHC V-twin. Displacement is 124.7cc with a maximum output of 13.5 hp.


As expected, it is necessary to lower the gears on steep uphills, but even so, I was impressed with how well the 165kg body moved. The body of the vehicle is good for cruiser-like comfort in situations like floating around town. Is it the fat 16-inch tires or the double cradle frame? I was surprised at how comfortable it was, with the cruiser-like stability built into the vehicle.


20210401_2459_006_0323.jpg172cm 75kg


The seat height is 710mm, which is a bit high for an American model, but thanks to the compact bodywork, it's right down to your heels. Mid-control step



The 60-degree V-twin engine is water-cooled with a compression ratio of 12.35 and a bore and stroke of 42 x 45 mm, although it has air-cooled fins.


The 16-inch front tires are 120mm wide and have a flatness of 80. Combined with the matte-black bodywork, it gives the motorcycle a very sturdy impression.


The tachometer is equipped with a maximum output range of 10250 rpm, and the digital panel displays the odometer, trip A/B, clock, and gear position.


The gunfighter type seat with a good hold has a diamond stitch style design on the surface. It can be removed with two bolts.


A single seat (12,980 yen including tax) is available as an optional part, but the design image of the bobber style is based on the single seat.


Instead of ABS, the front and rear brakes are linked, and when the rear brake is pressed, the front side also nose-dives firmly. The environmental performance is Euro 5 compliant.




Overall height x width x overall length 2080×750×1050
Wheelbase 1425mm
Seat height 710 (each mm)
Vehicle weight 165kg
Engine type Water-cooled 4-stroke SOHC V-twin cylinder
Output (e.g. of dynamo) 13.5ps/10250rpm 1.037kg-m/9250rpm
(Engine) displacement 124.7cc
Transmission 5-stage return
Fuel tank capacity 12.5L
Brake F=φ270mm disc, R=φ250mm disc
Tire size F=120/80-16 R=150/80-15


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