TRICK STAR Bags That Can Be Used for Business and Touring!

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From the TRICK STAR items that have a wide lineup of products related to motorcycles, this time we would like to introduce "TRICK STAR Bags", items related to motorcycle "life". These bags are designed not only for touring but also for traveling around the city and for business purposes, so they can be used in various situations. In addition, the TRICK STAR bags are manufactured with a focus on quality. They are manufactured in "Toyooka (Hyogo Prefecture)", a sacred place for bags, which is famous for producing high-quality domestic bags, and its quality is the same as that of bag makers.



There are 3 color variations: green, red, and black.

The material used is a lightweight and durable "ripstop nylon" that is also used for parachutes, with a polycarbonate coating. It has a performance more than twice the abrasion resistance of conventional PCV coating, and it is a highly functional material that is also durable and waterproof.

There is a USB port on the side of the bag that connects to the inside, so you can charge your mobile phone while carrying the bag on your back.

The belt part is equipped with a small pouch that can be used to store small items such as mobile phones that are being charged.

Price: 176.9 USD

Hard Day Bag


Size: L43 x W28 x D14
Capacity: 30L
Fabric: Waterproof PVC

This is the hard day bag with two different designs, A-TYPE and B-TYPE. A small carabiner and key chain can be attached to the daisy chain, so it is fully functional. In addition, the stitched parts with a different color pattern create a stylish look.

Since the glove etc. can be fixed to the slide type magic belt, there is no doubt that it will be useful at the touring destination.

Price: 111.03 USD

Touring Backpack


Size: L50 x W34 x D21
Capacity: 28L
Fabric: Nylon

As its name implies, the Touring Backpack is a bag that was primarily designed for touring applications. With the versatile daisy chain, you can even use a carabiner or rope to fix the luggage that has increased at the touring destination.

Also, since the glove etc. can be fixed to the slide type magic belt, there is no doubt that it will be useful at the touring destination.

The back pad is divided into three parts, and the part that touches the waist is thicker so that the burden on the shoulders is distributed. It has a light carrying comfort.

Price: 120.44 USD

Soft Day Bag


Size: L56 x W30 x D21
Capacity: 26.5L
Fabric: Nylon

This is the backpack with a simple shape and lightweight. The supple and durable nylon twill is used as the main material, so it can be widely used from everyday use to outdoor.

The coloring is available in two colors, neon yellow that is vividly eye-catching and gray that has red piping accentuating, and it is a design that you will not get tired.

Price: 82.81 USD

Square Sacoche / Sacoche


Square Sacoche

Price: 43.62 USD


Size: L22 x W25 x D1
Fabric: Polyester
Price: 36.84 USD

Sacoche is popular for its compact size that can hold the minimum necessary luggage. Two types are available to suit the rider's lifestyle. Waterproof PVC has been adopted to the main material of the Square Sacoche, so this bag is also ideal for a little touring.

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