Exquisite Atmosphere Created by History and Tradition! KIJIMA Z900RS Dress-up Cover!

New Product

Speaking of aluminum dress-up covers, I think of KIJIMA, which boasts a long history. Until now, KIJIMA has lined up dress-up covers for various models, but this time, we would like to introduce the "Pulsar Cover" and "Oil Line Cover" for the KAWASAKI Z900RS, which is very popular due to its presence!

Fin type pulsar cover with a classical design that makes you feel traditional! The oil line cover features 9 fins with a machined aluminum flow design.

Dress-up Pulsar Cover Set

This is the set of base and cover of the classic fin-type pulsar cover that can be attached to the Z900RS / CAFE. The aluminum billet base is available to select from 2 types: an aluminum die-cast cover with a chromium plating, and buffing. The effect of dress-up is appealing by showing its existence! The old KIJIMA logo, which is nostalgic for old fans, is engraved on the back of the product.

Corresponded Model: Z900RS / CAFE 2019Y-
Color: Chromium plating (cover) or buffing (cover)
Material: Aluminum
Others: O-ring is not included. Please use a OEM product.

MSRP: 178.78 USD


Aluminum Billet Oil Line Cover

This product changes the perspective and dresses up the oil line cover located above the oil filter designed to be inconspicuous! Nine fins produced in a design composed of elegant phrases are linked to the engine cooling fins for a natural finish. The contrast of aluminum engraved on the black body creates an edged accent.

Corresponded Model: Z900RS / CAFE 2018Y-
Material: Machined Aluminum
Finishing: Black Anodizing (contrast)
Others: O-ring is not included. Please use a OEM product.

MSRP: 75.28 USD

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