KIJIMA Latest Custom Parts That Make Popular Rebel 250 / 500 Convenient and Stylish!

New Product

The Rebel 250 / 500 is very popular regardless of age or gender due to its easy-to-use size and simple design. KIJIMA, a general parts manufacturer, has already released various parts for the 2020 new model! Let's go to a city riding and touring with installing exclusively designed custom parts that are convenient and stylish!

Parts for Rebel 250 / 500



The Bag Support has been renewed with a design that does not break the style of the Rebel 250 / 500!

This bag support that is effective in reducing the risk of being caught in the wheel when a side bag is loaded. This product has a clear all-in-one design that allows you to hang the side bag directly. A well-balanced wearing state has been realized by the exclusive design for the model.

Material: Steel
Color: Black
Corresponded Model: Rebel 250 / 500 2017- (new model compatible)

MSRP: 130.01 USD (Set of left and right)
MSRP: 69.65 USD (Left side only)

Engine Guard (currently under development)


This product has both design of stylish and practical. The engine guard, which was created after many prototypes, will reduce the damage to your motorcycle in the event of a fall down.
*This product is designed to mitigate damage to the motorcycle from a minor fall down.

Material: Steel
Color: Black
Corresponded Model: Rebel 250 / 500 2017- (Corresponded parts to new model)

MSRP: 134.65 USD (currently under development)

Fog Lamp Kit (currently under development)


An LED fog lamp kit does not only increase the security and visibility when driving at night, but also improves visibility. There is no need to worry about installation as all the necessary parts are included, such as brackets specially designed for the vehicle and fog light switches that show the ON/OFF status at a glance.

Corresponded Model: Rebel 250 / 500 2017- (Corresponded parts to new model)
Kit Contents: LED fog lamp body x 2, Fog lamp switch with indicator, Exclusive Bracket for model, Wiring kit
Power Consumption: 18W (2 lights total)
Waterproof: Equivalent to IP67
Color Temperature: 5000-6200K

MSRP: 297 USD (currently under development)



A tandem grip that not only acts as a grip point for the passenger but is also effective loading support. The shape of the round pipe keeps the balance with the model design and allows you to get a natural fit.
*This product can be used in combination with the saddle bag support only for product No. 210-488 and 210-4882. (210-487/4872 cannot be used together with this product.)

Material: Steel
Color: Black
Corresponded Model: Rebel 250 / 500 2017- (Corresponded parts to new model)

MSRP: 139.29 USD (currently under development)

LED Core Tail Lamp Kit (currently under development)


This product is a Core Tail Lamp Kit that uses LEDs in the STD taillights to enhance the refined look of the Rebel 250/50. The round tail lamp body is highly matched with STD blinkers, giving it a natural finish.

This product is a perfect bolt-on kit with a harness kit of replacement for the STD taillight. The license plate light is included. This kit can be used together with STD blinkers (When installing custom blinkers, the base mount for blinkers are required). In addition, since it is designed to meet security standards, it also corresponds to Japanese vehicle inspection.
*Please note that since the product in the photo is a prototype, the actual product may differ slightly.

Corresponded Model: Rebel 250 / 500 2020-
Kit Contents: Main Body (steel), LED lamp, LED license lamp, Reflector base
Lamp size: Φ85
Power consumption: 12V 0.5W (Tail light) / 2.8W (Brake light)

MSRP: 139.29 USD (currently under development)

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