The New REBEL Customized to Trendy Street Chopper Style!

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Since its release, DAYTONA customizes the very popular HONDA REBEL into a trendy street style!

The rear has a 20mm lowdown rear shock that lowers the bottom to obtain the street-like silhouette that has been popular for several years by using the design of a tank that looks like a high mount, slimmed down around the handlebar with a drag bar on a chrome 6 inch riser. They are enhancing the innovative design of the REBEL by choosing the German highsider brand that is at the forefront of the European custom scene for mirrors and turn signals.

Multi-function Digital Meter [reference exhibit]


It uses a multi-function meter that Daytona sells mainly to Europe. It achieved a stylish look and a neat handlbar impression.

License Plate Holder [under development]


It is simultaneously installed the rear turn signal with an integrated tail lamp for highsider.
*The blinker is a highsider blinker Apollo bullet

HIGHSIDER Bar End Mirror Wave


HIGHSIDER Bar End Mirror. It is a model that features the attached "wave" with a wavy and sharp design. The demo car is attached to the bar end adapter (sold separately) attached to the bar end part.

■ HIGHSIDER Bar End Mirror Wave (Part Number: 16829)

■ HIGHSIDER Bar End Mirror Adapter Wave (Part Number: 16825)

Megaphone Exhaust System [Under development]


A slip-on muffler featuring a machined aluminum tail end.

Seat Cover [Under development]


A seat cover that can be changed by just covering the genuine design.

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