Not just MONDAVI. Very popular! Custom parts for Monkey 125 are now available from KIJIMA!!

New Product

Speaking of KIJIMA Monkey 125 Custom, I think that the image of the "MONDAVI" that was announced in 2019 and attracted attention is strong, but at that time, only the FULL kit was sold, and they did not release each part separately.

But the "Touring Type Seat" which has the same shape as the custom seat that was popular with the MONDAVI KIT, is sold in a form of meeting the needs of the fans.

Also, the long-awaited "Rear Carrier" that solves the problem of the loading capacity of the Monkey 125, has also been released, so let's check them as well!

1. Touring Type Seat


A custom seat that incorporates many opinions such as "comfortable to sit", "excellent foot grounding ability", and "good looking" has been released! When compared to the OEM seat, the width is minus 80mm and the height is 10mm down! It also makes a better foot grounding that reduces the burden when touring. The MONDAVI 125 had a two-tone color with gloss or without gloss, but it was reviewed with glossy fabric. Luxury sense has also been improved by sewing the tuck roll part.


2. Rear Carrier

This is a rear carrier that is smartly designed so as not to break the body design of the Monkey 125, and is designed so as not to impair the practical use. In addition, the standard top plate shape is adopted so that it can be firmly fixed not only for loading BOX but also for loading ordinary luggage.

Top Plate Size: D 261 x W 176 (mm)
Maximum load capacity: 5kg
Material: Steel
Finishing: Chrome plating

MSRP: 169.37 USD

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