The Modern Hunter Cub “CT125” Customised to Neo-Classic by DAYTONA

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The Super Cub is very popular in the 4-mini bikes now! Amidst such a boom, the CT125 Hunter Cub is now available at last. DAYTONA dared to change the rear carrier, which features a heavy-duty atmosphere, into smaller in size. In addition, the CT125 got the neo-classic style by changing the blinkers and tail light to a minimal size.

1. Compact Carrier [reference exhibit]


The small rear carrier makes the CT125 much lighter. The Compact Carrier is used in combination with the Air Duct Cover (reference exhibit).

2. Engine Guard [reference exhibit]


If installing the engine guard, the wildness will increase further.

3. Highsider Blinker & Tail Light Apollo Bullet


This product is manufactured by German Highsider. The front is an integrated blinker with a position lamp, and the rear is an integrated blinker with tail light and stop light.

■ Front: Highsider Blinker & Position Apollo Bullet (Product No.: 15288)


■ Rear: Highsider Blinker & Tail Apollo Bullet (Product No.: 15289)

*Front Blinker Bracket and Rear Tail Light Eliminator Kit are for reference only.

4. Highsider Handlebar End Mirror Conero


The contrast between the silver and black anodizing of mirror heads, which have been machined finely, is stylish. This product comes with a universal adapter and corresponds to through-type handlebars (inner diameter Φ12.0 to Φ22.0).
*The OEM handlebar weight has been removed.

■ Highsider Handlebar End Mirror Conero (with Handlebar End Mirror Adapter) (Product No.: 96692)

5. Multi-mount Bar FE [reference exhibit]


This product is convenient for mounting digital gadgets such as smartphone. Pipe diameter: Φ22.2mm

It is possible for bolt-on installation

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