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It's a natural point that the STD step position of your favorite motorcycle you got does not match your body size, but at the same time, it is often left behind. Rather, most riders may be riding with their body fitted to the bike.

Some riders will install "rearsets" to find the best position that suits their body. The rider's body position is the fundamental part in the world of motorcycle racing. In order to ride correctly and safely, you need an optimal relationship between your motorcycle and your body.

KIJIMA "Step-up Bracket" series is inexpensive and allows you to select the optimum position from 2 to 4 positions. Also, since OEM steps are reused again, there is no need to purchase additional parts if there is one bracket!

For the SUZUKI GSX250R


The product in the photo is for the GSX250R newly released.

■ For the GSX250R
Traveling Distance: 40mm back / 20mm up, 50mm back / 35mm up
Material: Aluminum billet (Main body)
Color: Black anodized

MSRP: 90.33 USD

Step-up brackets for other models are also available! If you are interested, please check KIJIMA HP.

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