An Improved “Traveling Power” of HARLEY-DAVIDSON IRON 1200 with DAYTONA Custom Parts!

New Product

The travel power of the Iron 1200, which makes it easy to ride by a combination of Mini Ape and Mid-con, has been improved! You can carry a lot of luggage, so you can even go camping for long touring.

1. LINKING RACK Full Package HIGH Black [Under Development]


This is the set of rear carrier and sissy bar that can be easily removed when not in use by the simple attachment / detachment mechanism. In addition to the exclusive mount, it can be attached to HARLEY-DAVIDSON's OEM docking hardware. There are two types of carriers: the gunfighter seat that is installed in the demonstration model, the "high type" that can be installed without interfering with the double seat model, and the "low type" that is compact and does not destroy the design. The sissy bar can be installed separately or together with the rear carrier.

2. Engine Guard


This is the engine guard that can also be used as a highway peg. Since it is made of 1 inch (Φ25.4 mm) pipe that is the same diameter size as the handlebar, you can also attach an action camera and etc. with the handlebar attachment.

3. LED Tail Tidy Kit [reference exhibit]


This is the tail tidy kit that refreshes around the tail. It is also possible to install other aftermarket blinkers.

Installed blinker: HIGHSIDER LED Blinker Enterprise EP1

4. Motor Mount Meter Bracket Single


This is the bracket for installing a meter on the engine side.

Motor Mount Meter Bracket Single (Product No.: 73506)

VELONA Electric Tachometer φ60 8000rpm (Product No.: 92252)

Power Interrupt Coupler (Product No.: 64228)

5. High-Vis Mirror for HARLEY-DAVIDSON


The Φ12 thick rod that does not easily shake even with HARLEY-DAVIDSON, which has a lot of vibration has been adopted. The long stem specification ensures a wider rear view. It is able to be attached to either the top or bottom of the handlebar. In addition to the orthodox "round" that is installed in the demonstration model, there are three types of designs, "parallel" which features a square design with a volume feeling, and "edge" which has a sharp style.

Installed Mirror: High-Vis Mirror for HARLEY-DAVIDSON Round Black (Product No.: 17023)


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