The Era of Applying P&A International Protective Film to the Meter Panel Just Like Smartphone!

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The P&A International Peitzmeier Co. is a company that imports products to Japan that have been cultivated in the EU and the US, the home of cross-border long touring. The original brand products developed by P&A International have a lineup of unique products because they know all about touring.

Here's an easy to install and highly effective extended fender and meter protective film. In addition, we would like to introduce a lowdown kit to improve foot grounding and provide security, and crash pad with built-in dampers to minimize damage to the motorcycle in an emergency.

1. Protective film to protect the LCD meter from scratches!


A protective film to protect the meter panel with LCD and touch panel against scratches. A protective film has become quite popular for smartphones, but isn't the protective film on the meter panel is not yet a major measure? However, the risk of scratches is inherent since the meter uses the same LCD screen as the smartphone. Moreover, dirt is also easy to adhere because the motorcycle is traveling while being exposed to rain and wind. We recommend proper protection because it is a meter panel where you will often look when riding!

The set contains two films of super clear and anti-glare. *Some film has 2 super clear.

Super Clear: A highly transparent film with extremely high abrasion resistance. Once the film is pasted, it will fit into the meter and you will hardly notice the existence of the film.

Anti-glare: Matte finishing to reduce reflection from sunlight. It prevents poor visibility, making the meter panel easier to read. Of course, it is also effective against scratches.

This film is also excellent if there are a few air bubbles, which will disappear naturally in a few hours to 2 days.

▼Check out the comparison videos for the 2 types of protective film!▼

It also includes an exclusive mounting kit, so it's easy to install!

2. Crash pad "X-Pad" with built-in shock absorption damper


We will introduce an innovative crash pad that has never been seen before. For the previous crash pad, the so-called "protruding object" is attached to the motorcycle to prevent direct contact between the motorcycle and the road surface, and the impact is actually transmitted to the frame through the crash pad.

However, this X-Pad is equipped with a damper inside to absorb the impact energy. In addition, the dampers effectively disperse the impact that would be transmitted in an instant with the STD crash pad.

▼Check out the video of the damping motion!▼


3. Customize fender to protect the motorcycle and rider from mud splashes and flying stones!

When riding on a rainy season or rough road, damage from mud splashes and flying stones is common on a motorcycle. The scratches and dirt adhering to the motorcycle is a memorable experience of your journey, but it is also recommended to guard the motorcycle in order to ride your beloved motorcycle for a long time!

Front Extender Fender


The front extender fender will extend the length of the OEM front fender to protects the motorcycle and rider against water and mud splashes. This product is exclusively designed for each model, so the design blends into the motorcycle stylishly and comfortably. It is a custom parts that can be installed easily.

▼Check out the water repellent effect in the video▼


Rear Extender Fender


This kit extends the length of the OEM rear fender. It extends the length of the fender without compromising its appearance. Rear extender fender is extremely effective in preventing water and mud splashes when traveling in rainy weather or on a rough road.

Inner Rear Fender


An inner rear fender reduces damage to the rear suspension and chain drive against flying stones, etc. It is also effective against dirt caused by water and mud splashes. This product is exclusively designed for each model, so the design blends into the motorcycle stylishly and comfortably.

4. Reliable lowdown kit approved by EU standard


A safe, reliable lowdown kit approved by the EU's Industrial Product Safety Standard "TÜV". It gives you a great sense of security by getting a firm foot grounding. The parts are exclusively designed for each model, and the method also differs for each model in order to achieve its optimum lowdown.



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