Innovative Airbags to Protect Riders [TECH-AIR® 5] will be Released This Summer!

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The ALPINESTARS was born in 1963 in Asolo in the northeastern part of Italy as a manufacturer of hiking and ski boots. The name "ALPINESTARS" is derived from the name of "Star Alpina", a flower that blooms at the highest part of the Alps. The ALPINESTARS, who now supports the world's top-class riders including MotoGP rider absolute champion Marc Marquez, has re-programmed the airbag technology cultivated in MotoGP into "for street use" to make it easier and safer. Based on the concept, we will release a wireless airbag jacket that does not require a special jacket.

1. Airbag TECH-AIR® 5 the highest level of protection!


"Airbag for street/city riding"
・No need for troublesome operation, just wear the airbag
・Wireless system that does not require connection to a motorcycle jacket
・Certainly, no special jacket is required
・Widest protection range in the standard of the industry
・Easy customer registration with Japanese language compatible app

The TECH-AIR® 5 does not require any troublesome operation, nor does it need to be connected to a jacket or motorcycle. It is a mechanism that activates by a magnetic switch on the chest, and when a total of 12 sensors mounted on the back and shoulders detect an abnormality, the airbag activates before the collision to protect most of the upper body. Of course, you don't have to worry about "what if the airbag is opened due to malfunction when you are stuck".

2. Innovative wireless airbag system


[Wireless airbag realized with original algorithm]

An algorithm (calculation formula) developed in more than 20 years of research is used to detect abnormalities in the gyro (tilt) sensor that determines the physical condition of the body and the accelerator (acceleration) sensor that detects sudden movements such as acceleration and deceleration. When the sensor senses it, the airbag is instantly activated, and it protects the rider's body from impact at a speed of only 25/1000 seconds from the abnormality detection to complete inflation.

The development of algorithms is essential for fall / crash data. The ALPINESTARS, which supports many riders including Marc Marquez, has collected road test data for over 2 million km and collected falling data for more than 2,000 times, and at this moment, log data is accumulated and development is inevitable.

3. Achieves the highest level of protection and comfort!


[Some things can be done in 1/1000 second units]

The TECH-AIR® 5 detect abnormalities and fully expands within 25/1000 seconds. The protection coverage is the majority of the back, chest, shoulders, upper arms, flanks, and upper body. The impact absorption capacity of the airbag is much higher than conventional general protectors and has a shock absorption capacity of about 10 times CE level 1. However, general airbags do not have the chance to open early.

One of the disadvantages of the airbag is that the breathability is low. However, the TECH-AIR® 5 offers a special liner called the "Air Channeled Liner" to improve breathability, and the airbag expansion part is also processed to improve breathability and provide comfortable riding.

4. TECH-AIR® 5 Product Details


・Gas cartridge exchange type*
・Charging method: Micro USB
・Operating hours: 30 hours
・Waterproof standard: IP54
・Sizes: XS / S / M / L / XL / 2XL / 3XL / 4XL
・MSRP: 699.95 USD
・ Release date: Around summer 2020

5. [TECH-AIR® RACE] is recommended for race circuits


The ALPINESTARS boasts the top share in wireless airbags, which are mandated by MotoGP. The [TECH-AIR® RACE] developed for the circuit corresponds to the fall of the 2nd time in full auto even after the airbag is activated once by the "dual charge system". It is a system that is useful not only in the race but also in the circuit-riding meeting. In addition, the dedicated algorithm can be selected between "race mode" and "street mode", it is possible to change the clothes from a jumpsuit to jacket with one airbag, it is possible to safety riding with the highest peak protection even in daily riding.

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