Concept is “Everything Is for Rider”! Introducing “R’s Gear” Exhaust System, Product of Uncompromising Craftsmanship!

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R's Gear develops beautiful and practical parts to ensure a comfortable and safe bike life for all riders. Our representative items, which are expressed that feeling as a form, are the Wyvern series of exhaust systems, and all the exhaust systems we handle are certified by the government so that they can be used safely.

R's Gear exhaust systems are not only for the power-up in the entire rev range, but also when the throttle is operated, the power is moderately generated, and the machine can be controlled freely. In order to bring the joy of riding a motorcycle to many riders, they always pursue "high performance, high quality, and beauty" without compromise.

1. [Z900RS] Full exhaust system with "machine bend" titanium pipe

By adopting the "Machine Bend" titanium alloy, the weight has been reduced to 3.8kg (STD: 11.7kg), and the power and torque have been improved from low rev to the whole rev range. "Ultralight + big torque" makes it easy to control and produces exciting acceleration performance.

A "round short" silencer that matches the classical atmosphere of the Z900RS has been adopted, and 3 types of the "S type" set at a low position and the "UP type" set at an up position and the "megaphone type" with a wild taste are available. It is a "corresponded exhaust system to Japanese vehicle inspection" that achieves a comfortable sound.

2. [KATANA] Ultra-light "Titanium Full Exhaust System"


By adopting full machine bend titanium pipes, it achieved the reduction of its weight. It achieves a significant increase in power and torque from the low rev range to the whole rev range, and it is easy to control and you can experience exciting acceleration performance. It has a new design variant megaphone silencer that has been adopted the dry carbon silencer end. The "ultralight" exhaust system has been completed with a stylish and racy sound.

3. [CBR400R] Significant weight reduction and fascinating twin-racer sound


A new design full exhaust using special metals "titanium alloy" and "carbon" has appeared. Silencers are available in two types: a lacy taper type "Type R" and a straight type "Type S". The silencer end is a sharp design of variant megaphone type using carbon.

The OEM exhaust system weighs about 9kg, while this product of only about 3kg has achieved a significant weight reduction. Of course, you can experience the power-up and torque-up in all rev ranges. The high-quality texture with attention to detail is sure to enhance the styling of the CBR400R.

4. [400X] Super lightweight and big torque


The Real Spec Exhaust System for the 400X is made of the same special metal "Titanium Alloy" as its sister model, the CBR400R, and its weight is only 3.0kg (STD: approx. 9.0kg). It also achieves a significant increase in torque from the low to mid rev range, and if installing this product, the 400X turns into a controllable adventure tourer.

Please enjoy the evoluted 400X with a light and beautiful titanium full exhaust. The adventure-type 400X is only available with the straight silencer "Type S".

5. [W800] A Cabton exhaust system that produces a crisp W sound.


The product lineup for W800 is a straight structure exhaust system of Cabton type silencer. It plays a vertical twin heavy bass sound that is reminiscent of the legend motorcycle "KAWASAKI W1", in addition, the W Cabton exhaust system delivers exciting big torque and power from the low rev range to the entire rev range together with comfortable sound.

The material is SUS304, which is highly resistant to corrosion, and the exhaust pipe is "hard chrome plated" to make it even more beautiful and durable.

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