EAZI-GRIP: New Classic Fuel Tank Pads that Suits Your Style

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EAZI-GRIP is a British manufacturer that manufactures parts such as fuel tank pads. They have a close relationship with the top teams participating in the BSB (British Superbike Championship) and have been developed fuel tank grips that combine high grip power and rider's comfort. There are also multiple fuel tank grip types, and a wide range of types are available from city riding to racing.

We would like to introduce the product centering on the fuel tank pads that have improved knee grip, the protection of the motorcycle body, and also its cool appearance.

*Webike Team Norrick YAMAHA and T.Pro Innovation, which also supported by Webike are also used this product, and their performance is guaranteed.

1. Most popular! [PRO series] for professional riders


The [PRO Series] is the best-selling type among all EAZI-GRIP products. It has a characteristic circular embossing and has a smaller projection, smoother, dynamic surface structure compared to the EVO series. Since the projection is small, the feature is that you can easily move your body when riding (it is easy to move your hips).

Also, it is designed to have a high sense of unity with the motorcycle body and grip even in situations such as hard braking. It is positioned as a relatively sporty riding all-purpose model among all the 3 types. This model is recommended when you are not sure which type will you choose!

*The clear protective film on the adhesive surface is orange.

▼ It features a small projection. It does not hinder the movement when riding and firmly supports the knee grip.

2. With a high grip, [EVO series] used by many race teams!


The [EVO series] is a fuel tank pads that appeared in 2011 and has a hemispherical traction dome that achieves both high grip and rider's comfort. It is the most gripping type that has been received feedback from the top teams participating in the BSB (British Superbike Championship) and continues to increase the number of teams adopted even in the BSB.

The large projection is featured, and the control of the motorcycle body is one rank up because it has a high grip power. Since its a high grip, it is a fuel tank pad that is ideal for competition use such as racing and gymkhana!

*The clear protective film on the adhesive surface is orange.

▼ The type with the highest grip among the series. Even with high load braking that is likely to slip off the motorcycle, its stable grip helps to maintain the posture of the rider.

3. Fuel tank pads [SILICONE series] for touring that reduces fatigue


The [SILICONE Series] is an ergonomically developed fuel tank pads that pursue the most riding comfort in the series. The cushioning and surface structure of the custom-made silicone material reduces the rider's fatigue and plays an active part in scenes such as street riding and touring.

What a wonderful touch! Unlike conventional fuel tank pads, this model is made from a soft, smooth material, and has enough grip to gently support the knee grip when touring. Please attached this product, and experience the comfort when touring!

4. Guard the meter from scratches [Meter protection film]


Recently, [Meter Protection Film], which is becoming a major custom has also been in the line-up! The anti-glare specification film prevents scratches and dirt from adhering to the meter without compromising visibility. Also, due to the special design of the car model, there is no need for work such as cutting. Because all the tools necessary for installation are bundled, this product is recommended that can be easily installed.

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