OUTEX Made Custom Parts from the Feedback of the Know-How Cultivated in the Race!

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OUTEX is a motorcycle parts manufacturer in Osaka. The product, which can be enjoyed both on the street and on the circuit, has been tested and fedback by frontline riders and continues to be a brilliant achievement in the actual race.

We will introduce the OUTEX parts used for the KTM690SMCR, which has won three consecutive wins in the TC400 class at the Tsukuba Road Race Championship!

1. Clear tubeless kit for comfort and security


The OUTEX clear tubeless kit, a replacement kit that allows tubeless spoke rims, is a popular product that continues to make a long-run hit with cumulative sales surpassing 34,000 sets. Since it does not require a tube, it has various advantages such as simplifying tire replacement in addition to being able to reduce the weight of the motorcycle.

Features of tubeless kit
・Unsprung weight reduction of 1.5-1.8kg lighter in front and rear (grateful for the motorcycle)
・Nice handling performance (grateful for the riders)
・Tire replacement s quick and easy (Grateful for mechanics)
・No tube required (leads to eco-friendly)
・Affordable price (grateful for savings)
・Clear with a special 3-layer structure (rotating the nipple to make it visible)
・Even if a nail is stuck in the tire (flat tire repair is easy)
・Even if the spoke is also broken (replaceable nipples and spokes, repair kit required)
・Maximize the flexibility of the spoke rim (softly control the rigidity)
・Improves fuel efficiency (leads to eco-friendly)

Its performance has been proven by winning numerous races such as the All Japan Motard Race and the Tsukuba Championship.

2. VALG Vibration Absorption Lever Guard achieving both safety and controllability


The vibration of the handlebar grip makes it possible to move toward the tip of the lever guard. The vibration reduction of the handlebar for long touring and racing has the advantage where you can suppress arms fatigue to be able to concentrate on riding. Regardless of the genre of motorcycles, VALG can be used for all motorcycles such as for on-road and off-road.

3. Perfect control F-STEP


[Features of F-STEP]
・The load is firmly applied in order for the F-STEP and the sole always in contact with each other on a wide surface during riding.
・The F-STEP tilts back and forth around the shaft, improving the shift change and rear brake control performance.
・The stability of cornering is improved from the solid footwork and the sense of unity with the motorcycle.
・Follows all riding forms including standing and acceleration / deceleration, and the steps weight position does not change.
・Less fatigue in long-distance touring, and reduce shift mistakes to be able to concentrate on riding.
・The vibration transmitted to the undercarriage is reduced compared to the existing foot pegs.
・Adjustable height for anti-slip screw
・Adjustable angle for F-STEP
・Foldable F-STEP to prevent damage from falling. (It is usually not foldable since it is fixed with bolts)
・It is aluminum A2017 anodized finishing.
・F-STEP is installable in commercially available products of the rearsets.
・In case of damage due to falling, it can be sold separately as repair parts.

4. High performance OUTEX exhaust system


The OUTEX exhaust system is a specification that takes noise regulations into consideration by repeating performance tests with a dyno machine. Leaving results in numerous actual races, and commercializing from a lot of feedback. Also, considering environmental issues, it is possible to install a honeycomb catalyzer at the exhaust pipe end. An exhaust system that fuses power and environmental performance at a high level. Please enjoy the OUTEX exhaust sound and acceleration.

[All Japan Supermoto Championship Series 2019 Final Round: Mobara Twin Circuit]
Webike Team Norick YAMAHA
Keito Abe S1 PRO class champion
Installed Parts:Stem stabilizer, vibration absorption lever guard, F-peg, up step bracket, tubeless kit, spoke booster

5. Stem stabilizer to get control one rank higher!

[Features of Stem Stabilizer]
The torsional rigidity increases since the upper and the under are connected.
・Quick handling
・Improved turning performance
・Cornering speed up
・Reduced chattering
・Straight stability
・Stable when braking
・Smooth stroke of inner tube
・The front fork is hard to twist even when if falling down.

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