Introducing MOTOSALON’s High-spec Products Packed with New Brands and New Products!

New Product

MOTOSALON dealing with high-spec functional parts throughout the world, mainly in Europe. As the main brand, MOTOSALON has a large lineup of motorcycle parts brands such as Valter Moto Components, domino, βTITANIUM, FULLSIX, KEDO, LUIMOTO, NEX Performance, CHAFT, CLICK'N'RIDE, BC BATTERY CONTROLLER, MFW and PROmo jeans.

We would like to introduce MOTOSALON's hot new products that were scheduled to be announced at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show!

1. Motocycle cover for indoor storage "SPINELLI" One-piece with a great fit!


The SPINELLI STARDUST indoor motorcycle cover features spandex with excellent elasticity. Spandex is a soft material that fits the motorcycle, so it can maintain the beautiful silhouette of the motorcycle, and protect the body from dust, moisture, and scratches when storing indoors such as in a garage. It can be used as a cover during transportation as it is a material that will not scratch the motorcycle.

■ You can choose from 3 colors: red, blue, and black.

■ There are 3 sizes available: full cowl, naked, and adventure.

■ It is manufactured in Italy and features beautiful sewing.

■ It uses a spandex to reproduce the beautiful silhouette of the motorcycle.

■ It uses soft material of back raising that is hard to be scratched on the motorcycle.

■ It is ideal for use in the garage, room, and transportation.

■ It can be easily covered by just covering from the top of the motorcycle.

■ It is also possible to print the logo of the racing team and shop.

Product Name:Motorcycle Cover Stardust

Type of prices
・For full cowl: around 148 USD
・For naked: around 158 USD
・For adventure: around 168 USD

2. This "BC Battery" charger and tester is all you need for maintenance!


The battery is automatically charged for 8 cycles according to the battery, and basically the battery is always kept in its optimum condition just by connecting to the motorcycle. (It is also compatible with a lithium battery) Furthermore, this product also has a tester function including a single battery or the built-in vehicle charging circuit, and it is possible to voltage test of cranking and alternator in addition to the voltage and the remaining amount of the battery!

The battery is equipped with a liquid crystal display. The display language can be switched. (Japanese available)

■ How to use DC charger


■ Program

■ Product specifications

Product Name:BRAVO 2000+ (BC lithium battery correspondence)
Price:around 135 USD with 5-year warranty
Product Contents:Main unit, with body side connection cord, with terminal clip

■ BRAVO 2000+ specifications

3. Titanium kit parts from "βTITANIUM" for the S1000RR (2019-) are now available!


The kit parts for the new S1000RR are now available from the titanium bolt manufacturer βTITANIUM!

MMOTOSALON also offers a set of bolts for each vehicle type, such as rotors, sprockets, and shafts.

βTITANIUM bolts are forged from a high-grade material called 64 titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) to achieve high strength. In addition, rolling is applied for making a screw thread. Rolling is done by pushing out screws with pressure while rotating, making the screw threads rotate smoothly. It features with burned that is unlikely to occur even under heavy loads. The anodizing treatment protects against scratches and corrosion and 8 color variations are available.

4. The new "domino" grip A450 recommend to a wide range of users from streets to races!


The "A450 Racing Type" has been released as a new grip that was developed in collaboration with the MotoGP team and domino, a grip manufacturer that constantly pursues high grip comfort.

The surface adopts fine-grained soft rubber (multi-conical finishing) to improve grip strength. It provides excellent grip performance even in wet conditions.

The internal material is made of a hard compound, which enhances the strength of the brim and reinforces the end part that is easy to consume. It improves stability during operation. The outer diameter is actually 30mm with moderate thickness, and slits for wiring are provided at both ends of the grip. (With wire hole)

Color Variations:7 colors
Price:around 23 USD

5. "FULLSIX" dry carbon parts for the new V4 / V4R are now available!


The new V4 / V4R parts have been released from the dry carbon manufacturer FULLSIX! FULLSIX is a manufacturer that develops and produces products in Slovenia. Using the latest technology, FULLSIX has the high technology to manufacture fuel tanks with a complicated structure using integrally molded carbon.

Carbon has been subjected to a special UV-resistant coating developed originally, and it is possible to choose from 2 types: clear coat (with gloss) or matte coat (with gloss), and twill weave plain weave.

■ Detail

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