YOSHIMURA Japan Continues to Evolve for the Z900RS Parts from Racer Z1 to Sporty Z900RS

New Product

YOSHIMURA Japan has actively participated in race activities. The data cultivated in the race is utilized in the field of product development as it is as the latest technology. As for those parts, simultaneous installation of multiple parts such as exhaust system and chassis parts is also considered in addition to creating a sense of unity in the brand, the machine is finished with excellent total balance. YOSHIMURA's Z900RS parts were also developed in accordance with the trend that demonstrates the performance of a modern sports machine while enabling public road riding.

1. YOSHIMURA parts for the Z900RS continues to evolve


The YOSHIMURA Z900RS in 2019 was finished with an image reminiscent of the racers YOSHIMURA used to challenge the AMA Superbike Championship on the Z1. This year, it is finished as a modern sports machine, as you can see from the installation of the titanium full exhaust system equipped with the new mechanism sub silencer Duplex Shooter.

The know-how and latest technology from the race have been put into the parts to be installed, but the assumed field of this machine will be public roads. Therefore, it is a very easy-to-use machine that you can experience the high performance of a big machine.

2. Installed Product List


  • ✅Machine Bent Titanium Cyclone Duplex Shooter JMCA Approved
  • ✅Engine Case Guard "PRO SHIELD"
  • ✅Generator Cover "PRO SHIELD"
  • ✅X-TREAD

  • ✅Tail Tidy Kit
  • ✅Radiator Core Protector
  • ✅Brake Lever Guard
  • ✅Rear Stand Bracket High Line

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