Is it a Collecting Pipe? CB750FOUR (1971) Monkey 125 Concept with YOSHIMURA Racer as a Motif


YOSHIMURA Japan deals with a wide range of parts, from undercarriage parts to exterior parts including exhaust systems. They have also been actively participating in racing activities and the 1971 CB750 FOUR YOSHIMURA RACER was the first to be equipped with a motorcycle collecting exhaust system that was attracted attention. Such YOSHIMURA released a concept model of the CB750FOUR motif that is reminiscent of those days, based on the Monkey 125, which is ideal for touring commuter.

We will introduce the YOSHIMURA parts to be installed on a "cute racer"!

1. YOSHIMURA Monkey 125 with Straight Cyclone


The Monkey 125 can be used for a wide range of purposes, from touring to commuting. The straight cyclone mounted on the machine modified by YOSHIMURA has imaged of a so-called collecting exhaust system of a 4-cylinder motorcycle. In the first place, YOSHIMURA developed the world's first "Collecting exhaust system" for motorcycles, and the vehicle at that time was the CB750FOUR.

The design of this yellow Monkey 125 is exactly what its 1971 CB750 FOUR YOSHIMURA Racer image was. However, since this Monkey 125 has been built with the concept of running on public roads, the exhaust system has also corresponded to regulations. Not only performance is improved, but also a comfortable sound quality that feels the beat of a single-engine is realized.

■ CB750FOUR (1971)

2. Installed Parts List


✅Machine Bent Straight Cyclone JMCA Approved
✅Meter Visor
✅Side Cover Frame Cap Set
✅Frame Cap Set

✅Crankcase Cover
✅Aluminum Head Side Cover
✅Tail Tidy Kit

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