SW-MOTECH BMW G310R with the Concept of “Easy Touring with a Sports Bike” is Cool!


This BMW G310R is the touring specification packed with parts from the German accessory supplier SW-MOTECH. It is a customized model achieved both riding comfort and a sense of security by adopting forged aluminum wheels for weight reduction and improving the foot grounding ability due to using the lowdown spring. It has been finished into a lightweight model that anyone can be started riding easily.

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1. System bag that can be enjoyed in any combination


This is a SYS bag that made it possible for bags in different sizes to be loaded by connecting left, right, top and bottom. Ballistic nylon with high tear strength and waterproofness has been adopted for its outer. The removable roll closure type bag has been used for its inner to ensure complete waterproofing. It can be fixed directly to the motorcycle by using the strap, or with one-touch to the side carrier and top rack by using the optional adapter. SYS Bag 15 on the center / left, SYS Bag 10 on the right

Product Name:SYS Bag 15 without Adapter Plate
Product Number:BCSYS0000210000
Price:148.88 USD each

Product Name:SYS Bag 10 without Adapter Plate
Product Number:BCSYS0000110000
Price:134.92 USD each


2. Tank bag with automatic power supply function


It is a tank bag that is powered with an electric function fitted into the special ring fixed to the tank cap making it possible to drive while charging the smartphone with the power line drawn inside the bag. If the bag is removed, the power will turn off. Ballistic nylon with high tear strength and waterproofness has been adopted for its outer.

Product Name:EVO 2.0 City Electric 11-15L / 28x20x36cm / 1550g
Product Number:BCTRE0010420001
Price:344.28 USD

Product Name:EVO Tank Ring BMW / TRIUMPH / TRIUMPH 6 holes
Product Number:TRT0064016000/B
Price:43.73 USD


3. Hand guards with variety of optional


The two-point hand guard with bar end and handle clamp is made up of an aluminum bar and a resin cover, which protects your hands and levers from flying stones and damage from falling. Its optional LED turn signal can be installed by bolt-on (a register is required depending on the model).

Product Name:KOBRA Hand Guard Kit (2-point stop)
Product Number:HPR0022023300/B
Price:214.01 USD

Product Name:KOBRA Hand Guard LED Turn Signal Set
Product Number:HPR0022030000/B
Price:74.44 USD


4. Validation-based framework


This guard is designed to protect the tank and side cowls, and the steel pipe has been adopted a powder coating. This framework is designed so that the guard effect is at the optimum place by actually falling down the motorcycle in a slow state and verifying the protection effect.

Product Name:Crash Bar
Product Number:SBL0764910001/B
Price:237.27 USD

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