TANAX Spring Table Festival! A Seat Bag that Transforms into a Table

New Product

“Does a seat bag transform into a table? You may not know what I’m talking about, but I didn’t know about this either…”

That’s how I feel even it’s not April Fool’s Day.

TANAX 2020 Theme is “Table Festival”

I was thinking that the table will be released but, beyond that expectation, the “seat bag that transforms into a table” has been released! Seat bags that turn into a paperweight when arriving at the destination is perfect for camp touring because it can reduce the luggage of a table instead.

The new standard seat bag that is not only for carrying capacity but also for use after you have arrived at the campsite has been released!

1. Camping Table Seat Bag


When you arrive at the campsite, the seat bag transforms into a table! Luggage is reduced because the seat bag transforms into a table.

A high table of 430 x 380mm is completed if the legs are installed.


It can be loaded easily to the motorcycle by using four fixed belts. It is even more convenient using with touring net LL size or more!


It has 3 color variations.

Please wait until this product is released whether you choose brown that looks good in the campground or black carbon pattern that matches the body color!

Product Name: Camping Table Seat Bag
Product Number: MFK-268: Black, MFK-269: Carbon Pattern, MFK-270: Brown
Capacity: 45L
Price: around 300 USD
Released Date: July 2020

2. Touring Shell Case Optional Table


This single plate makes the Motofizz tour shell case transform from the best-selling side bags into a table.

Just simply attached the 4 buckles!

Look! It transform into a table! It is made of aluminum, strong and resistant to heat.

It includes a storage case that fits comfortably in the bag when not in use.

This table could complete your camping experience.

Product Name: Touring Shell Case Optional Table
Product Number: MFK-267
Material: Aluminum (anodized) + buckle POM
Price: 35.82 USD
Release date: April 17, 2020

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