ZRX1200 DAEG made by HYPERPRO is a “SUPERSPORT PACKAGE” Balances Gentle Riding and High Athletic Performance


This ZRX1200 DAEG strengthens and reduces the undercarriage centering on the evolved rear shock (DP-S). It is a model that aims to achieve both the gentle riding style unique to naked motorcycle and high athletic performance like the supersport.

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Balanced sport grade rear shock

This rear shock further evolves the damping performance of the conventional twin shock. The extension / pressure side adjustments are completely separated, and the ease of setting and the ability to follow the road has been improved. The suspension of the “JAPAN SPEC” with enhanced responsiveness (speed of response to input) especially in areas where the stroke speed is high. Certainly, It is not only for sport riding but also demonstrates a supple movement that is hard to get tired even if riding for a long time.

Product name:DP-S rear shock
Parts number:22770005
Price:1,733.85 USD

Front forks that maximize the spring characteristics

The AH1 high-performance front forks of the “JAPAN SPEC” jointly developed by ACTIVE and HYPERPRO, it achieves a smooth riding that brings out the most characteristic of the “Constant Rising Rate Spring”, the characteristic that it is supple at the beginning and stretches toward the end. It eliminates the “gap” where the damping between the extension side and the pressure side is switched, which enhances the “balance”. It also provides a high-quality feeling that is less tired.

Product name:AH1 Front Fork Ver 1.2 Φ43 inner black
Parts number:AH1BBT01-1.2
Price:2,951.24 USD


Stem kit that can change the riding style

The stem kit is developed with the concept of “improving total balance” including the body and suspension, ensuring the optimum rigidity for street sports. Having the function of “convertible (that can be converted to multiple styles)” and by changing the offset amount, you can enjoy the two riding abilities: “easy handling” and “quick and sporty handling”. It is a stem kit that has been carefully selected to materials and details.

Product name:Convertible stem kit black Φ43 (for Φ28.6 handlebar)
Parts number:13670008
Price:1,291.17 USD


Reduces twist and increases rigidity

By connecting the left and right chassis that are close to the head pipe and reducing the screws on the chassis, the direct feeling during braking can be achieved by reducing the deflection during cornering and straight running stability.

Product name:Frame stabilizer
Parts number:1990145
Price:295.12 USD


Swingarm of press forming manufacturing method

A street sports swingarm that maximizes the characteristics of tires, which have evolved in recent years, in pursuing the balance between rigidity and flexibility. The engine power is transmitted to the tires and the suspensions without waste by the special design for each motorcycle model. The main arm is aluminum press material, and the machined end piece is welded to the rear.

Product name:Press forming swingarm
Parts number:15570007
Price:2,582.33 USD

Enhances the cooling effect of radiators

By creating a wall under and on the left and right of the radiator, the traveling wind is collected, and the negative pressure increases the cooling effect by sucking out the heat behind the radiator.

Product name:High flow radiator duct
Parts number:1990146
Price: 230.57 USD

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