[REBEL & V-STROM] 2 Custom Motorcycles on Display at KIJIMA’s Web Motorcycle Show!

2020_WMCS_kijima.jpg Motorcycle

The motorcycle parts comprehensive development manufacturer KIJIMA marks its 62nd anniversary with the catchphrase, "challenge for advanced performance," a challenge to take further development that focuses on custom motorcycles that were scheduled to be exhibited at the 47th Tokyo Motorcycle Show, giving emphasis on motorcycle parts that give convenience and comfort as well as dress-up parts to improve appearance satisfaction. We will introduce and recommend various items full of originality and individuality.

1. REBEL 250 2020Y Model "Trans-Continental Style"


The result of considering the development of custom parts that further pursue "easiness of riding and handling" which is one of the great charms of the REBLE 250 in KIJIMA's own way, they arrived at the answer "Trans-Continental style".

It is a style that makes you want to go on a long touring slowly and comfortably. The concept is "Transcontinental" as its name suggests! To be able to choose each custom part separately, KIJIMA is currently working on a development plan so that each part can be sold separately instead of as a set.

Scheduled to be Released Mid Summer 2020


2. V-STROM 650 / XT 17y- "Adventure-Touring Style"


The V-STROM 650 is quite popular over the world because of its maneuverability and smooth handling from high ways to forest roads. We recommend a custom style that combines convenience and safety with KIJIMA's style arrangement.

"Bag Support" and "Rear Carrier BOX Base" firmly support touring bags and rear boxes. It has been equipped with "LED blinker kit" and "fog lamp kit" that enhance visibility and contribute to improving safety! The "Handlebar Mount Bracket" has been placed in an optimal position in consideration of the eye movement time while riding.

"TECH09 Mirror" also has been chosen white that matches the body color. It is adjustable to a wide range of mirror positions by a flexible bracket! It meets the new certified Japanese vehicle standards of January 1, 2007.

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