Perfectly Fit for Touring and Sports Riding! A Comfortable and Functional Innerwear and Power Stretch EVO is Coming this Summer!

New Product

The functional innerwear “BODY-TOUGHNESS” was initially released for work, but its functionality goes beyond the work area and is being accepted by users who are into sports scenes, and the number of fans is increasing. It has gained a reputation among riders that makes riding more comfortable and because of that more and more riders are patronizing it.

In order to make touring and sports riding more comfortable, they have launched the all-season compatible Outlast Inner which is currently being sold, as well as the new “Power Stretch EVO” with enhanced deodorant and cooling sensation and its lineup of “3D First Layer” that reduces stickiness caused by sweat is available.

1. New products for a comfortable summer! Power stretch EVO

Innerwear is essential for a comfortable riding since it reduces the stickiness due to sweat. This summer, a new product that uses durable fiber “Cordura (R) that greatly enhance the cooling sensation function, quick-drying and deodorizing function. Its performance is about 1.5 times as cool as standard products, and about twice as fast as quick-drying.

The deodorizing function of Lycra (R) freshFX (R) thread is installed on the entire surface of the shirt to significantly improve deodorizing performance! It demonstrates a high deodorant effect even after washing 10 times or more.

The product lineup includes long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Long pants can prevent from stickiness when riding and make the riding more comfortable. Please try it if you have never used it.

2. High-performance innerwear using “outlast” for all seasons

It is a high-performance innerwear that uses a new dimension fiber “Outlast” that senses heat and cold and can adjust the temperature. The “paraffin wax” encapsulated in microcapsules incorporated in the fiber repeats heat absorption and heat dissipation keeping the body surface temperature close to a comfortable temperature.

When getting ready for touring, it is cold when leaving in the morning, but it’s hot during the day! Therefore, it a perfect innerwear for such seasons.

In fact, Kohta Arakawa, a 17-year-old who is also a professional rider on the circuit and is participating in the All Japan Road Race usually uses this product! (The official page also contains an interview with Arakawa!)

3. Release your sweat! 1 second sweat absorption first layer

This is the first layer to be worn on bare skin for all seasons. The combined materials of the two-layer fabric structure enables high sweat absorption and quick-drying. The moisture is instantly transferred from the skin to the outside of the fabric, preventing sweat and stickiness and keeping the skin comfortable.

By combining the sweat-absorbing quick-drying shirt, the effect is even higher.

Sleeveless and short sleeved types are available. There are two colors to choose from; black and white and the size is available from S to 3L.


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