Looking Back on DOREMI COLLECTION Neo Classic Exterior Kit! ZEPHYR Transforms into Legend Z2 and FX!

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The DOREMI COLLECTION handles a wide range of restore and repro parts, centered on the vintage model Z1. The DOREMI COLLECTION is an important brand for riders who is treasuring their vintage motorcycle, and in recent years, they have also been known for the development and sale of the NEO CLASSIC exterior kit that reproduces the dreamed motorcycle using the ZEPHYR, Z900RS, CB1100, etc. as a base model using the technology of repro parts production.

We will introduce a concept model equipped with a kit for the ZEPHYR series and Z125 from such NEO CLASSIC exterior kits!

1. [ZEPHYR1100 Z2 Style] The convenience is outstanding like DOREMI!

This ZEPHYR 1100 is made closer to the Z1 / Z2 visuals by installing parts centering on the exterior set.

The fuel tank is made of iron and corresponds to the Japanese vehicle inspection, and the OEM fuel cap, fuel cock, and fuel gauge sensor of the ZEPHYR1100 can be used. The side cover and tail cowl are made of ABS the same with the OEM parts.

Regarding the painted set, you can choose your favorite coloring from 6 kinds of Z1 color + 2 kinds of D1 color and a total of 10 kinds of metallic and solid black.

The eye-catching quadruple exhaust system evolved into a center stand corresponded type that is convenient for maintenance has been pursued not only the good looks but also the usability like DOREMI COLLECTION.

2. [The ZEPHYR 750 Z2 style] Transformed into Z2!

This is a concept model with the DOREMI COLLECTION original parts that transforms the ZEPHYR750 into Z2.

The same with 1100, the exterior set is the set of the iron fuel tank and ABS exterior covers, and there are two types of fuel tank cap: an airplane fuel tank cap type using the ZEPHYR 750 OEM fuel tank cap and a Z2 fuel tank cap type using the OEM Z1 / Z2 fuel tank cap.

In addition, the tail cowl with an accessory compartment, Z2 type seat, iron-plated front / rear fenders, etc. have been installed (common to the ZEPHYR1100). The handlebar switch of this motorcycle is also equipped with a Z2 type kit, and the handlebar has also been replaced to the Z1 standard handlebar. In the Z2Style series, the ZEPHYR 750 Z2 type exterior set has the most complete lineup.

3. [ZEPHYR400 / χ Z2Style] Characterized by reliability because of many works!

This is the ZEPHYR400 / χ Z2 Style.

The same with 750, the fuel tank is made of iron that corresponds to Japanese vehicle inspection and there are two types of an airplane fuel tank cap type and a Z2 fuel tank cap type. The side cover and tail cowl are made of FRP.

Be careful when ordering because the mounting part shape of the tail cowl is different between the χ and 400.

Also, depending on the model, there are large and small for fuel tank guide rubber, so the outer diameter of the fuel tank guide rubber must be adjusted to about 40mm. In addition, the tail cowl is fixed at the two points under the seat, so the processing such as support for crack prevention is required.

For this reason, painted products have also been lined up, but we will paint products after sending unpainted ones once and performing the fitting process by the customer self.

4. [ZEPHYR750 FX Style] Stick to “square” even the head cover!

Square tank style.

This is a motorcycle that installed the exterior set reminiscent of the Z750FX. The same with the Z2Style, this is an all-in-one exterior set that includes the iron tank, ABS side cowl, tail cover, tail lights, exclusive tail tidy kit, reflector, and seat.

Moreover, the seat is available in three different types of sets: FX seat standard, standard seat with rivets, and tack roll seat. The fuel tank emblem installation is compatible with short pitch bolting that is the same method with the FX. Also, you can get closer to the appearance of the Z750FX by installing the optional square head cover.

5. [ZEPHYR400 / χ FX Style] Fit like an OEM!

This is the ZEPHYR400 / χ with the motif of the Z400FX.

This is an all-in-one exterior set that includes an iron fuel tank, ABS plastic side, tail cover, tail lamp, tail tidy kit, and seats, like the 750.

The seat can be selected from three types: Z400FX first model type, Z400FX late nodel type, and tack roll type. In 400 and χ, the shape of the tail cowl shape and the shape of the seat hook are different, also in the 400 cannot be used because the seat fixing method of the early model between ’89s to ’90s is different. So, please confirm before purchasing it.

For the painted set, 12 colors of the Z400FX standard color are available. If installing the FX type iron-plated fender that is sold separately, a little volumey Z400FX is completed!

6. [Z125PRO Mininja] Kawasaki → Kawaii

This is the “Mininja” which used KSR for the base motorcycle and it was very popular.

Along with aging the mold of the Mininja exterior set for the KSR, when considered to continue producing it or not in the future, a new model of the Z125PRO was announced to release. Because of the reason that there is no choice without renewing this, the Mininja based on the Z125PRO had been developed!

The difference from the kit for the KSR is the fuel tank cover shape (especially near the filler port), and the exclusive seat is included. So the body line has been redesigned. The point to note when purchasing is that the cowls don’t have bolt holes, so the customer needs to do a body matching and drilling as with the KSR exterior kit. If you want to order a painted kit, please consider it very well before purchasing it.

7. [W650 / 400 W1S style] Beautiful shining fuel tank!

This is the W1S type iron plating fuel tank for the W650 / 400.

The fuel tank cap and the knee pads are included in this product. The fuel tank emblem can be bolted on. The fuel cock and etc. can be diverted STD parts of the W650.

There was much inquiry that it can be used for the current W800 motorcycle or not, but unfortunately, it can not be used for the W800.

The fuel tank is available only in painted kits, the available color is red, blue and black. Like the demonstration motorcycle in the photo, the turn signals and covers are painted in the same color, and such by replacing the exhaust system, it is possible to further enhance the atmosphere of W1S.

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