KOOD Axle Shaft with High Quality and Performance Product Made in JAPAN

New Product

KOOD axle shaft is a high-quality, high-performance custom product focusing on MADE IN JAPAN from its material up to the manufacturing process.

It is a chromium molybdenum steel made in Japan with heat treatment applied from raw material and fixes its distortion by pressing. It uses the added material that has been reheated. This is also a commitment to maximizing the characteristics of Chromoly, which has both strength and tenacity.

Furthermore, the time-consuming centerless polishing and 3-layer plating have been performed to achieve its high accuracy. The development and testing of motorcycle manufacturers rarely focused on the axle shaft. Therefore, the KOOD axle shaft gives a dramatic effect on changing the riding experience.

1. DUCATI PANIGALE Series 8 specs front shaft is now available!

The “KDP Coat”, which is used for the Suzuka 8 Hours specs shaft, has been newly developed based on the concept which is the “Fighting the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race!”.

Unlike the usual 3-layer plating, its durability, smoothness and slidability of this product have been remarkably improved by doubling its hardness compared to the STD. The axle shaft that is used to make excellent tire replacement even in endurance races on harsh environment is a Suzuka 8 Hours specs shaft with KDP coated.

This DUCATI PANIGALE Series Suzuka 8 Hours specs shaft is also equipped with a “Duracon Cover” the same as the Suzuka 8 Hours motorcycle, and further improve its mood.

Selling price around 457 USD completely made-to-order production

2. The long-awaited 2 models for the front axle bolt added as the NEW LINEUP!

The 2 news models have been added to CB bolts and HAYABUSA bolts. The “NSR” and “CBR” have been newly added to the front axle bolts, which have been frequently requested by many user’s. There are many customers who said that they wanted to change the shaft but bolt on the other side is STD part, and “NSR250R”, “CBR1000RR” has become a product that tickles the collection spirit of users.

It uses the same material as the shaft and has been manufactured in the same process. The hexagonal part is also subjected to wire lock hole processing to make it a more racey look.

Selling price around 91 USD

3. Front axle collar nuts are ongoing production!

It is a collar nut that is frequently requested as well as the front axle bolt. There are many customers said that they wanted to replace the other side as well as the bolt for ZX-14R and the predecessor HAYABUSA model.

KOOD is currently producing collars for large motorcycles such as GSX-R1300 HAYABUSA and GSX1400 in KAWASAKI series such as ZX-14R, ZX-10R, which is currently the popular model. It uses the same material as the shaft and has been manufactured in the same process. Please wait for a while until it will be released!

4. It’s not probably eccentric nut!

This is one of the most unlikely parts ever! It is often described as “The chassis is beautiful, but the eccentric nuts are a little rusty.” base on experience in eccentric motorcycles such as NINJA 1000 and resulted in manufacturing this product by KOOD.

Plating has a shiny look, and it will bring out a further sense of unity if you mount it to a motorcycle equipped with KOOD rear shaft. This product has also the same material as the shaft, and its ongoing production with the same process.

Selling price around 91 USD
Corresponding Motorcycle: ZRX1100 -2016/NINJA1000 -2016/Z1000

5. VFR750R pivot shaft ongoing production is coming soon!

It’s been 32 years since it was first released. During those days, the VFR750R was considered to be the pinnacle of commercial SUPER SPORTS. The pivot shaft of that RC30 is being manufactured at KOOD!

KOOD manufactured front axle shaft for RC30 in the past but they reproduced a pivot shaft in response to user’s requests. With respect to the user’s request, the long-awaited RC30 STD pivot shaft will finally be available and is currently preparing for the ongoing production.

It has limited production the same as the front but please wait until it will be released.

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