MONKEY 125 Paris Dakar Specifications! The Concept Custom Model by Dart Freak is Hot.

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The modified version of the MONKEY 125 Off-road is designed by Dart Freak. This MONKEY 125 was built with the motif of the XL125R / 250R Paris Dakar released in 1982. Its front and rear fenders, tank, and carrier are painted one-off, and the image of that time is faithfully reproduced with the MONKEY 125. The mounted parts follow not only the lovely design of the Monkey but also the functionality for off-road driving.

1. Barrel 4-S mini silencer that can be expected of an excellent power


This is the Up-type full exhaust system for off-road riding. While responding to strict Japanese emission regulations and noise regulations, it generates power equivalent to STD at the low rev range and it exhibits excellent power characteristics that greatly exceed STD at the middle to high rev range by multi-stage expansion type exhaust pipe. Stylish stainless steel heat guard is equipped as standard in the silencer section and exhaust pipe section.
・Proximity Stationary Noise Volume: 83dB
・Acceleration Noise Volume: 77dB (JMCA Approved)

2. Headlight guard that protects the lens well while keeping the brightness


The headlight guard has a sturdy aluminum frame structure with a polycarbonate protector that does not hinder irradiation. It protects the headlight lens from stepping stones and branches on forest roads and off-road riding, and prevents scratches and cracks.

3. Drive cover that is even effective in the mud!


The drive cover is improved its strength and maintainability compared to STD parts. When riding through a muddy road, it reduces mud stacking. It is made of aluminum alloy, machined by CNC, and finished with color anodizing. It is also recommended as a dress-up part as it polishes up the part around the engine.

4. Heel guard that combines safety and dress-up effect.


This is a guard that prevents the feet from touching the chain. It is fixed using a standard chain cover bracket and creates a smart undercarriage while increasing strength. It boasts a beautiful finishing by applying color anodizing treatment after high-precision aluminum machining.

5. Revolver shift lever that is selectable 6 positions


This shift lever can be selected from six positions including the standard position by adjusting the chip position to suit your shift feeling. The tip mount uses A7079 processed by a high precision machine. The tip is knurled to prevent slipping, and the arm is made of forged A2014 for high strength and durability.

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