Line-up of SP TADAO’s “Feeling Good” POWERBOX Exhaust System

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Why does the SP TADAO exhaust system continue to be chosen by the riders? The SP TADAO exhaust system has been developing for nearly 40 years since its foundation, and the most important index is the voice of “feeling good!” spoken out of intention from the rider’s mouth. I believe I want to make the riders “feeling good” to be more energetic throughout Japan. “Feeling good!” is the spirit of SP TADAO.



1. Aimed for the most high-performance short pipe for the Z900RS!



This is an excellent control feature that you can feel immediately after a clutch meet and reach 2,000 rpm. In addition, it demonstrates a daring power with “feeling good” to its maximum when it exceeds 3,000 rpm! This exciting acceleration is exactly the performance of the liter class. Please give this high performance to your machine where you can’t stop smiling.
Product Name: Z900RS / CAFE (2BL-Z900C) POWERBOX FULL 4in1 Heat Resistant Black
Parts Number: Z9R-PB-11
JAN Code: 4571117958608
Volume: 93dB (proximity) 82dB (acceleration)
Japanese Government Certification: 1118021188
Price 1,473.94 USD


2. The “feeling good” riding performance is best with a super short style!



This product has the characteristics of blowing up clearly from 2,000 rpm to 4,000 rpm. The gear connected at the top speed is better at 4,000 rpm, it’s powerful enough, but you can’t even get tired over long distances. Riding is lighter than anything else! Above all, it is fun!
Product Name: TRACER900 / GT (2BL-RN51J) POWERBOX FULL SS Titanium Blue
Parts Number: MT9-PB-42
JAN Code: 4571117959131
Volume: 94dB (proximity) 82dB (acceleration)
Japanese Government Certification: 1119021205
Price: 2,067.23 USD


3. The “feeling good” exhaust system where you can be able to open the accelerator with confidence even with the powerful MT-09.



You won’t be nervous in throttle operation even if the output characteristics become powerful. It achieved excellent output characteristics with completely different levels of fatigue after riding all day. This makes the riding more fun “feeling good!” with the MT-09 and XSR900, an exhaust system that you will look forward to the weekend.
Product Name: 17 ~ MT-09 (2BL-RN52J) / 18 ~ XSR900 (2BL-RN56J)
Parts Number: MT9-PB-23
JAN Code: 4571117958905
Volume: 95dB (proximity) 80dB (acceleration)
Japanese Government Certification: 1117021186
Price: 2,020.88 USD


4. The throbbing of the comfortable big twin of the MT-07 / XSR700 is “feeling good!



This product is a short style, which is aimed at centralizing mass to improve the riding quality. It achieves a wide range of power band characteristics to be able to easily handle touring with the liter class. The comfortable throbbing of the big twin that does not make you tired of riding is the best. It plays a well-balanced sound that is a little wild but it’s not tiring. An exhaust system that makes you look forward to the weekend.
Product Name: MT-07 (2BL-RM19J / EBL-RM07J) / XSR700 (2BL-RM22J) POWERBOX FULL SS
Parts Number: MT7-PB-21
JAN Code: 4571117958561
Noise Volume: 94dB (proximity) 80dB (acceleration)
Japanese Government Certification: 1117021184
Price: 1,203.26 USD


5. It’s “feeling good” achieving reliable torque, accurate pickup, and powerful high rev range



This is an exquisite exhaust pipe tuning that only SP TADAO can do. With reliable torque, accurate pickup, and powerful high rev range, everything is “feeling good!”. It is recommended for riding mainly used from the street to touring. In particular, please experience the rev range of riding “feeling good” from 3,000 to 4,000 rpm!
Product Name: MT-10 / SP (2BL-RN50J) POWERBOX PIPE S Titanium Blue
Parts Number: MT1-PB-01
JAN Code: 4571117958912
Price: 1,409.05 USD


6. Further evolved the YZF-R25 into “feeling good” riding in combination with POWERBOX megaphone!



This is a torqueful riding beyond the class, allowing you to experience the overwhelming difference in performance from the moment the clutch is engaged. The exhilarating power of the high rev range of the fat pipe has been achieved with exhilaration × comfort × security = “good feeling!”. High performance was achieved precisely because it is a POWERBOX pipe!
Product Name: YZF-R25 / MT-25 (2BK-RG43J / JBK-RG10J) POWERBOX PIPE
Parts Number: YZ2-PB-11
JAN Code: 4571117959117
Price: 500.58 USD


7. Further evolved the YZF-R25 into “feeling good” riding in combination with POWERBOX pipe!



The riding quality is created by pulling out the finely trimmed torque from 3,000 to 6,000 rpm. The small box next to the silencer brings out this wonderful torque. The exhilarating riding performance obtained is exactly “feeling good!” without downshifting.
Product Name: YZF-R25 / MT-25 (2BK-RG43J / JBK-RG10J) POWERBOX Exhaust System
Parts Number: YZ2-PB-12
JAN Code: 4571117959124
Noise Volume: 89dB (proximity) 74dB (acceleration)
Japanese Government Certification: 1019021207
Price: 537.66 USD


8. “Feeling good” pipe for the SR400 allowing to ride pleasantly with the first higher gear



A lot of time has been spent exploring and developing pipes that will links the rider to a relaxed state. You’ll want to keep on riding everywhere without putting a top gear on the country roads, and please enjoy a relaxed and rich “feeling good!” riding.
Product Name: 18 ~ SR400 (2BL-RH16J) POWERBOX PIPE
Parts Number: SR4-PB-01
JAN Code: 4571117958981
Price: 419.93 USD


9. There is a pipe making the SR400 even more comfortable to ride.



Just change to a single silencer pipe to a more powerful “feeling good” riding. If you go beyond 4,000 rpm, you will be guided to a new speed zone while accompanying a comfortable throbbing.
Product Name: 10 ~ 17SR400 (EBL-RH03J) POWERBOX PIPE
Parts Number: SR4-PB-02
JAN Code: 4571117959018
Price: 389.34 USD


10. The SR400 is just like “feeling good” riding of the SR500.



A superb output characteristics have been accomplished with repeat measures of nearly 300 patterns. Its riding performance seems like the SR500!?
Product Name: ~ 09SR400 (EBL-RH01J) POWERBOX PIPE
Parts Number: SR4-PB-03
JAN Code: 4571117959100
Price: 369.88 USD

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