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Will YAMAHA Become the Central Team in the 2020 MotoGP!? Rossi’s Decision, Quartararo’s Great Progress, and Lorenzo’s Joining

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YAMAHA decided that “the young lion” Quartararo would join with works team from 2021

YAMAHA is likely to be the hot topic in this year’s MotoGP. There are 3 reasons. First, Fabio Quartararo has signed a contract with the YAMAHA Factory team for the 2021-2022 season. Quartararo, a 20-year-old from France, debut into sudden prominence from YAMAHA’s satellite team last season. He stood on the podium seven times (of which 2nd place was 5 times) and won the Best Rider Award, which is given to an independent team, together with Rookie of the Year. He missed out on the win, but he was involving for the top position throughout the season, including 6 times pole positions, and also made a great leap forward as he played a match against HONDA’s strongest champion Marc Marquez.

▲ Fabio Quartararo

He will join the YAMAHA Factory from 2021. “I’ve got a clear plan for the next three years,” he says, and he should aim the title again this season. When that happens, the confrontation with the Marques brothers, including his brother Alex who joined HONDA Factory from this year, and his rival relationship in team with M. Viñales of the current ace of the YAMAHA works, who will be a future teammate, should also be heated up further.

▲ Maverick Viñales

Can Rossi round off his career on the brink of his active retirement?

▲ Valentino Rossi

The second is Valentino Rossi’s retirement problem. Rossi, the nine-time world champion, is a legend in the MotoGP, and is also the active Yamaha ace, celebrating his 21st year in the top class. However, Rossi has never won since the Dutch Grand Prix in 2017, and he has been away from world champion title since his last title win from 2009, so it is true his former glory has begun to fade.

Rossi and YAMAHA announced that they have made a significant decision to compete with the YAMAHA Factory Team this season, but Rossi will decide after 2021 by discussions with YAMAHA in the middle of this season. YAMAHA will provide factory machines and technical support from 2021 onwards as long as Rossi continues the active list. But, if Rossi will retire, he will continue to engage in relationships as a brand ambassador and engage in activities such as training to the young riders.

Even if Rossi retires this season, he will continue to make a significant contribution to MotoGP in the future too, but his fans around the world will still want him to race on the race track with brilliant riding. And everyone should be expecting to see him standing at the top of the podium again. Rossi was cornered, but I’m sure he will do it.

Lorenzo joined as a test rider. What does it mean!?

▲ Jorge Lorenzo

Big news has come in here. Jorge Lorenzo will come back to YAMAHA of a former team as a MotoGP test rider. Lorenzo entered the MotoGP class from the YAMAHA factory team in 2008 and won three world champion titles in 2010, 2012, and 2015, so it is not an exaggeration to say that he is the most contributed rider to YAMAHA in the recent years.

After that, he crossed to prestigious factory teams which are DUCATI and last year HONDA, but LORENZO was the most brilliant during his YAMAHA era when he teamed up with Rossi. In other words, he is a rider who knows about YAMAHA well. He is also one of the few valuable riders who has recently ridden the machines of the most powerful rival teams for YAMAHA.

Lorenzo appointed as a test rider from this season to strengthen the YAMAHA MotoGP development program. In addition, if Lorenzo decided to return the race, its possibility has also remained. There is no doubt that the development of the YZR-M1 will accelerate with Lorenzo’s participation, and there is the possibility that it will overtake Rossi and Vinales who are the current ace rider of the YAMAHA factory team by speed. If that happens, of course … An exciting development may be waiting for us.

▲ Jorge Lorenzo

That’s why I can’t take my eyes off from the YAMAHA factory team in this season of MotoGP which will start soon.

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