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[Webike Team Norick Yamaha] All Japan Road Racing Championship Round 4


■ Name of Event: All Japan Road Race Championship Round 3/2019 MFJ Cup JP 250 Championship Round 2
■ Date: June 22nd (Sat) / 23nd (Sun) 2019
■ Place: Ibaraki Prefecture Tsukuba Circuit
■ Rider / Race Results
All Japan J-GP2 class
#14 Keito Abe, Race 1 Final: 5th Race 2 Final: 7th

#17 Maiki Abe, Race 1 Final: 21st Race 2 Final: 25th

Race Report

Keito Abe was participated in “All Japan Road Race Championship Round 4” held at Tsukuba Circuit! Also, Maiki Abe participated in the co-hosted event “2019 MFJ Cup JP 250 Championship Round 3”!

This time both race event have two race systems, And there were also have two race event. Race 1 on 22nd in Saturday and Race 2 on 23rd in Sunday.
Due to the rainy season, the weather was unstable on Saturday and Sunday race, but the temperature was comfortable.

All Japan Road Race Championship Round 4

Ranked 7th with a best time of 58 seconds 263 in Race 1 qualifying.
At the final Race 1, the weather was broken and had a wet condition, but after a daring try, it was 5th in the best time of 1’03″254.
In Race 2 Qualifying, I finished 7th with a best time of 58.369 seconds.
In the Race 2 finals, although we raised the rankings immediately after the start, we were gradually removed from the top group and ranked seventh in the best time 58 seconds 112.

Keito Abe is in his second game of his comeback from injury, but he is in good shape and is in a situation where he can expect to see the future.

2019 MFJ Cup JP 250 Championship Round 3

Ranked 27th with a best time of 1:09.118 in the Race 1 Qualifier.
In the Race 1 Final, the weather was broken and the wet condition was achieved, but the best time was better than qualifying with 21st place in 1:14.311.
In Race 2 Qualifying, he was ranked 27th with a best time of 1: 09.132.
In the Race 2 final, it was 25th in the best time of 1:09.783.

Maiki Abe is struggling with a situation where he can not significantly improve his position due to machine upset or performance differences with other riders’ machines.

Both riders are stronger in wet conditions than the other riders, and their positions improve when it rains. It is the result of running on Motard and Dirt Track from normal times and experiencing slippery conditions.
The next race will be held on July 14 on (Sunday) at Sportsland SUGO, Miyagi Prefecture, in the “2019 SUGO Road Race Series Round 2”, where Maiki Abe will participate!
Thank you for your support!

Keito Abe

All Japan Road Race Championship Round 3, J-GP2 Class
Race 1 Final: 5th, Race 2 Final: 7th
Best Time: Race1: 1’03.254 / Race2: 58.112 seconds

In the test on last Friday, I ran mainly on the setup of my motorcycle and practice of my weak Sector 3, and both went in a good way. The time was 58.8 seconds
The qualifying was on dry condition. I was able to update the best time from the beginning of the preliminary round, and finished the qualifying with a very good feeling. The time was 58.2 seconds and Race 1 started 7th, 58.23 seconds and the was 2 was 7th.

Race 1 was held in wet condition. The start was a bit late, but I was able to come back in the first lap with 6th place. After that, I was able to raise the position one by one to the 3rd. However, I got a little worse visibility and I was unable to raise my pace and dropped my position to 5th. After that, it was hard enough to keep the 5th place.
The result was 5th, with a time of 1:3.254. It is very regrettable that I could not climb even though the podium was visible. However, for the first time I was able to fight on the podium for my own confidence and for studying.

On Sunday, FP was able to run in dry conditions, and was able to get up to 58.2 seconds similar to my personal best time, and I was able to take the final challenge in a strong conditions.
Race 2 was held in dry condition. The start was successful and I was able to raise in 1st position, but I was dropped by in the 2nd hairpin and was the 7th fastest in the 1st lap. After that, it was overturned in the last corner, and at the same time the difference with the front was separated, the Red Cross was taken out in each corner. However, I was able to increase my pace and enter the previous group.
I was able to get in, but I couldn’t pass the previous motorcycle and I recieved a checkerboard as it is. The result was in the 7th place and the time was 58.1 seconds.
Even though I could barely see the 57 second stand, I could not put in the last minute, and I was very disappointed that I couldn’t pass it even though I had a motorcycle in front of me, it was very frustrating.
I’d like to take this as my current ability to say it to my heart, and I would like to repeat the training during the summer break period and get on the podium in the next Okayama round.

Finally, thank you very much to the team, everyone who supported me, and everyone who supported us. Thank you for your support see in the next round.

Maiki Abe

2019 MFJ Cup JP 250 Championship Round 3 JP 250
Race 1 Final: 21st, Race 2 Final: 25th
Best Time: Race 1 1’14.311 / Race2 1’09.783

Maiki Abe Comment

Because I changed the engine from the previous race and was running with a slightly older engine, I was unable to compare the time with the previous time and it was difficult to understand where my time was bad and I was not able to improve time However, I thought that it was sweet to put the bike on the corner and how to stand up.
Also, because it was raining on the first day of the race, I was able to practice running in the rain.

Mitsuo Abe Director’s Comments

This time there is no JSB, and JP250 is a co-sponsored.
Keito Abe and Makoto Abe competed in JP250 and also in J-GP2.
This was the second race in all classes, with the Qualifying on Saturday morning, the first race in the afternoon and the second race after a morning warm-up run on Sunday.

Saturday’s qualifying was JP250, qualifying for 8 hours in 20 minutes. The machine of the Amike Abe was especially slow and seemed to be upset at this time.
The time was also 27th in 1:9.1 seconds, about 2 seconds later than the previous time.

Keito’s J-GP2 was qualifying for 25 minutes from 9:15.
Keito is getting better and updates his self-best one after another, and comes at a pace of 57 seconds until the final corner behind the senior rider who beats 57 seconds for the last few minutes. However, the senior rider fell in the last corner and Keito, who was wearing it right after, was not affected and the time was not updated, but he was 7th place in 58.236 seconds.

It was raining in the afternoon and the race was wet.
The first race of the JP250, Maike Abe’s race came back from the first lap with a good start to the 17th place, but the impact of the engine malfunction seemed to be remarkable even in the rain, and the pace was not go up and it was made a 21st place goal.

The third race J-GP2 race was also wet condition.
After completing the 1st lap of the top Group, Keito joined the 3rd place in the competation, leaving the 1st and 2nd positions, and at the time he went up to 3rd place and hoping for the podium, but the result was in the 5th place. However, it was a race that developed him very good racer and made him more mature.

At the dawn of the 2nd race on Sunday, the weather forecast for the rain was improved, and the dry race was developed.
In the JP250 class, Maike Abe, which compete in the morning, did not show any improvement even in the morning warm-up, and it was expected to be a hard race, but it was a 25-position goal though it was still severe and it attacked the corner earnestly in the latter place.

J-GP2’s Keito Abe had a good warm-up in the morning, and expected a good race. He developed a good race without my expectation.
Although the result ranking was 7th place, it was a great race while expanding the 4th place fight with the experienced senior rider from start to finish and firing the self best.

As a summary, Keito had a sense of stagnant growth, but this race week Keito showed a different growth. He able to overcome the high-speed corner that was a challenge and it led to a time-up. I think that it is since the no left root of the presents in Yamaha’s Works to be able to operate the high-power machine of 600cc to here at the age of 15.
In addition, I think that if you learn with your skill probably you can win in next year’s ST600 despite being difficult, chasing after the previous day with Maike Abe who is with a powerless machine, and to become a dream MotoGP rider I thought It would have the necessary experience.

There was a difference between the two of us in this tournament, but i thought it was a valuable tournament that would lead to the next with good growth and good experience. Thank you for your support for the growth of the two people in the future.

photo by Ishizaki Nobuki

Original Source [ Webike Motosport ]

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