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[WEBIKE TEAM NORICK YAMAHA] 2019 SUGO Road Race Series Round 1


■ Race Event Name: 2019 SUGO Road Race Series Round 1
■ Date: May 05, 2019 (Sun)
■ Venue: Miyagi Prefecture Sportsland SUGO
■ Rider / Race Results: JP250 #98 Maiki Abe, Qualifying: 5th in Class, Final: 3rd in Class

Race Report

The “2019 SUGO Road Race Series Round 1” was held in Sportland SUGO, racer Maiki Abe has participated! The condition was also good.

Maiki Abe, who has had less riding experience in SUGO, was struggling, and his best time was 1 minute 49:485 seconds for Qualifying Round.


In the Final Round, he got a new record and ranked 3rd in the JP250 class at 1 minute 48:692 seconds.
He is proud to be in the third place in class and he is getting better!


On May 18th (Sat) and 19th (Sun) at Twin Ring Motegi in Tochigi Prefecture, “2019 Motegi Road Race Championship Round 2” participated by Maiki Abe! Thank you for your support!


Maiki Abe
■ 2019 SUGO Road Race Series Round 1 JP 250 Class
Qualifying Round: 5th in class, Final Round: 3rd in class, Best Time: 1 minute 48:692 seconds


Maiki Abe’s Comment

SUGO was a course that I had not rode so much, but there were many differences in height among the courses I have rode so far and I could enjoy to ride.But, it was difficult to get the line especially at the S-curve, and I was not able to run the line firmly.

As a result, I was ranked 3rd place in J250 Class but I was not enough for one second compared the top time, so next time I wanted to get a great run in a firm line.


Abe Director’s Comment

Only Maiki Abe participated on JP250 Class.

It was Maiki’s first race in SUGO and he had a hard time trying to increase the riding time with less practice.

The racing machine has a new engine riding in Tsukuba Circuit and we brought it in SUGO, and the Nagayasu Mechanic’s encouraged the setting and finished to a considerable level.During the training, he had struggled to reach 1 minute and 51 seconds, and the only way that he will be accustom to the course and do the best.

During Qualifying Round, he still in the adjustment period on his racing machine, accustomed little by little and reached the 9th place out of 22 participants with a time of 1 minute 49:485 seconds.He got the 7th place after started, and he managed to chase with a self-best of 1 minute 48 seconds 692 on the 7th lap, but the top 4 in the rank are international license holders and 2 in the lank are Japanese licenses holders.they have many experiences. he finished 7th place.

The top four were international license holders, so Maiki got the 3rd place in class and the first podium.

Next, Motegi Championship on May 18, and the following week will be the same as All Japan co-hosted MFJCUP at SUGO, and will continue on June 1with Tsukuba Championships.
I hope that we can gain a lot of experience and make a big leap from next year onward.

Thank you for your support.


Photo by Ishizaki Nobuki

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