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[Webike Team Norick Yamaha] 2019 MFJ Cup JP250 Championship Round 1


■ Race Event Name: 2019 MFJ Cup JP250 Championship Round 1
■ Date: April 6-7, 2019 (Saturday-Sunday)
■ Venue: Tochigi Prefecture Twin Ring Motegi

Maiki Abe participated “2019 MFJ CUP JP250 Round 1] which co-hosted the All Japan Road Race Championship Round 1 held at Twin Ring Motegi! Keito Abe failed to join on the first round of All-Japan Championship due to his injury during the training.

On the qualifying day, the weather condition was good. Although the time went up gradually, Maiki Abe fell down the final lap on the qualifying day, got injured, and missed the race. The best time for qualifying round was 2m17,689s.

He is in a state of continual injury, but he returned early! The next race will be held on May 4th (Sat) and 7th (Sun) at Sportsland SUGO, Miyagi Prefecture, in the “2019 SUGO Road Race Round 1”, where Maki Abe will participate! Thank you for your support!


Maiki Abe
■ 2019 MFJ Cup JP 250 Championship Round 1 JP 250 Class
Qualifying: 24th place, Final: Missed Out


Maiki Abe Comment

It would have been good if I had to put the motorcycle to full throttle early anyway when the practice but it was in the qualifying that motorcycle condition was improved I had to open the accelerator slowly and carefully. However, I fell and fractured on the high side due to the way I opened the accelerator that was the same as when I was practicing cornering at the 2-corner.

It was very disappointing that I could not compete in the final race, but the time was reduced more than 3 seconds than when I was practicing, and from now on, I will be careful with accelerator work, and if I can adjust to ride the motorcycle more carefully, I can see my ranking in the first place. I want to cure my fracture earlier and participate in the race.

Maiki Abe


Comment by Manager Mitsuo Abe

Keito Abe who was entry to the All-Japan Championships J-GP2 race was lost this time because of injury due to falling during dirt training. The second round of the SUGO RACE that is next round will be participated.

Maiki Abe, who entered the co-hosted MFJ JP 250, was attended from the sports riding from 4/4, until the qualifying and final on Saturday on 6, April.
The Motegi course layout is mostly a repetition of full braking and full throttle, and it is a circuit course where engine power is the key point in JP250 which has a less horsepower. My team that has less experience in the JP250 was unable to improve the lap time due to the lack of speed in sports riding on the 4th and 5th because of lack of data. However, I received some kind advice from Mr. Kobayashi who participated in the same race. And in the qualifying on Saturday, we reduced the best time so far by about 3 and a half seconds, and I was looking forward to reduced the time more in the last-lap, but it was a slip down in the second-corner.

A fracture of his right middle finger was found out due to falling, and it is impossible for him to participate in the final. With about 1-month complete recovery, we are planning to participate in SUGO Road Race Championship.

Both Keito and Maiki will participate All-Japan Round-2 on May 25-26. Thank you for your support.

Mitsuo Abe


photo by Ishizaki Nobuki

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